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Nutella World Loves Melbourne

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the official Australian launch of the book “Nutella World” at gourmet food store LaManna Direct. It details the 50 year old history of the much loved brand, Nutella and also marks the beginning of a month long celebration of Nutella at LaManna. 

 “The entire family is truly excited to begin our month long celebration of Nutella here at LaManna and we cannot think of a more fitting way to do so than the launch of a book that duly celebrates such an amazing brand, product and story,” says LaManna CEO, Patrick LaManna.  (Image above:LaManna Direct).

Born in Alba, the same town in which Nutella originates, the author Gigi Padovani is a journalist and food writer whose book is more than a commemoration of his hometown’s delicacy.

NutellaWorld 4

Narani from The World Loves Melbourne with Gigi.

Nutella has been enjoyed by millions of Europeans and is now “spreading” all across the world, including Australia. Nutella World, written with lovers of Nutella in mind, explores how this hazelnut spread from humble beginnings has now become a globally recognised brand in less than six decades.

We indulged in a delectable array of Nutella creations (the doughnuts being my favourite!) as Padovani took us all on his journey behind the inspiration for Nutella World and were lucky enough to have a personalised signed copy from Padovani himself.

NutellaWorld 1

"I am personally very proud to be able to present Nutella World, a history of one of the world’s best loved brands, in this impressive store today,” Padovani said at the launch. “I hope that through the book, Australian readers can get a deeper insight into the amazing story of this brand, from its humble beginnings in a pastry-shop, founded by Mr Pietro Ferrero in Italy seventy years ago, to today, one of the largest confectionary groups in the world.”   


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A fun fact about Nutella is their social network is older than Facebook. When the  website went online,  Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t yet written the code for Facebook. Each person who signed up to ‘mynutella’ could manage their personal space, posting thoughts, photographs, and drawings inspired by Nutella.

NutellaWorld 6

Here is the Nutella spread across piadina at LaManna Direct. (Image: LaManna Direct).


The book is available now at select retailers including LaManna Direct andretails at $45.00.  

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