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The Richmond Yard Loves Melbourne


The World Loves Melbourne was recently invited to experience immersive summer pop-up, The Richmond Yard - a ‘post-apocalyptic bar and grill’ running every Saturday in summer up to February 20. It's an incredibly innovative, large scale project by creative production team, The Seven.

Looking for a cool vibe or theme for your dining experience? Picture this. It’s the year 2023. A global crisis has played out in Europe and the USA, the global economy has crashed. Here in Australia, jobs and resources are scarce. A mass divide between the elite and the lower classes is accentuated to the extreme. The everyday person is fighting to survive in the post apocalyptic era. Communal makeshift communities have infiltrated the cities, as accommodation is sparse. Welcome to The Richmond Yard, a meeting place, watering hole, trading circuit and trailer park. Home base to urban renegades and underground resistors.

The team have focused on sustainability, vibrant music, local drinks producers and an accessible food offering, all providing a central community gathering point in an anticipated ‘2023’ apocalyptic era.

On site there are five trailers, available for a two hour seating for a maximum of four people. The exclusive trailers have a booking fee of $50 and a minimum spend of $200 which can be used towards all food and beverage purchases on site.

RichmondYard 5

We settled into our ‘home’ for the evening, the ‘wine-makers’ trailer, which featured all sorts of trinkets and wine paraphernalia.

As part of the trailer experience, all food and drinks are delivered straight to the door and each trailer comes with its own outdoor seating area too. The perfect spot to sit back and watch the sun set across the city.

RichmondYard 2

The weekend after our visit, Easey’s set up camp at the site and will remain there until the pop-up closes, alongside Uncle Jungs tacos, Burn City Smokers and and Chill Bro.

RichmondYard 3

The drinks offering has been created by Alex Griffiths including a selection of cocktails, Handpicked Wines, Quiet Deeds beers and Flying Brick ciders.

RichmondYard 4

Music features heavily at the site with local DJs, PWD and Pocock taking over the taking over the ‘signal tower’, providing the perfect soundscape to accompany the apocalyptic mood.

The free pop-up will be running every Saturday until 20 February  from 4pm to midnight.

The Richmond Yard

55-67 Cremorne Street, Richmond, Melbourne 3121