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The Kettle Black Loves Melbourne: Revisit

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The Kettle Black has become an archetype of the modern Melbourne cafe and is one of the best cafes in Melbourne. Stylish and chic fit out, and the food a treat to the eyes as well as the mouth. It's like the food world has collided with the fashion world. Coffee and service are also on point. The World Loves Melbourne revisited The Kettle Black (our third or fourth visit) thinking we should come here more often.

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The elegance and chic finery of The Kettle Black resonates. Having recently enjoyed Diner En Blanc in Melbourne it felt as though we were still there in terms of style. I was thinking my white attire wouldn't look out of place here. Several spaced beckon for your dining attention; and for the first time I was escorted to the upper room. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to visit cafe icons such as The Kettle Black.

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Miracle; I was stoked to be placed here on this comfy couch in the upper room.

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On a sun drenched Melbourne day the light was strewaming through the large windows; unveling a magical ambience. Cakes at the counter look appealing but we were here for brunch.

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Food here at The Kettle Black is as good as anywhere; from the healthy Coconut set dish to the Tataki Ocean trout dish, to the Chilli Scrambled eggs dish and the Fresh Kingfish with potato crisps. Serious cafe cuisine.

Some of the dishes we previously enjoyed at The Kettle Black have gone from the menu; we celebrate that it's an evolving menu here (as well as interesting daily specials). Notably the Crayfish Roll has been replaced by the Port Phillip Snapper in a brioche roll with green papaya salad, lime and chilli jam. A "big call" as the Lobster Roll was iconic, but we now prefer the Snapper dish. Surely this is one of the best Melbourne brunch/lunch dishes around; it should be a chart topper in everyone's "best of" lists. 

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Generous fillets of Snapper (2) cooked perfectly with caramelisation of the skin, and the combination of the chilli jam and zesty green papaya salad is stunning. The soft brioche bun is perfect, albeit slightly rich, providing hint of sweetness and lovely texture around the fish and salad. One must squeeze the lime over the fish for extra zest. Presentation is sensational; art on a plate. After eating this dish there was a feeling of being pleasantly satiated and sufficiently full.

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Coffee here is A grade with this Kenya Ruthagati Filter. Juicy. Tropical Fruit. Pomegranate. Delightful complexity from the North Western side of Mt. Kenya.

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Here's the Port Phillip Snapper dish again for your viewing pleasure.

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More eye candy with the Hotcake with Ricotta, blueberries, pure maple, double cream and seeds. Another iconic dish on the Melbourne brunch scene.

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Of course there's pedigree at The Kettle Black; the same maestros that have brought us Top Paddock and Two Birds One Stone, and others.

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Plant life is alive and well at the Kettle Black; again it's stylishly done.

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We think it's all part of a trend of seeing restaurant quality food in cafes; something you don't always see around the world. The Kettle Black raises the bar on Melbourne cafes and is world class. If you were looking to meet with someone and impress them you might come here.