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Choosing Wine for Your Ultimate BBQ

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Wine plays a big part of the Aussie BBQ these days. We've seen beer consumption decrease in recent years and wine consumption increase. More Aussies are drinking wine and have sophisticated tastes.  Choosing a wine for your BBQ is not rocket science; just follow a few basic tips. We've put together some recommendations based on our experience in the wine industry, as well as our own BBQ experience. We love our BBQ lifestyle!

Our friends recommended to us Vinomofo member based online wine retailer and we've been stocking up our cellar ready for every BBQ occasion. Vinomofo work directly with the best producers in the world to find the wines they love, and curate them to your personal taste.  Less than 5% of wines that cross their tasting bench actually make it to the ‘Fo. We love that level of quality control because some other online wine retailers we tried seemed to fill the cartons with "fillers" that we struggled to drink.  Vinomofo member price is always best price. If you can find a better price to buy this wine elsewhere they will beat it! 



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Many of us start our BBQ with a platter to nibble on while we get the BBQ going. We love to entertain with Charcuterie of well-chosen meats like Prosciutto, gherkins, dips, pate, salami and other treats. We also love our cheese; including French comté, crumbly mature Cheddar, as well as soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert. 

Recommended wine: We love to start our BBQ with a refreshing sparkling Prosecco or a stunning pink light Rose. Both wines are hugely popular right now. 



The humble sausage has enjoyed a renaissance of late; overtaken by the gourmet sausage such as Pork & Fennel, Italian spicy sausages and Beef and Tomato. While we don't mind a plain beef snag, we love the Italian spicy sausages and the nuances of a Chicken sausage or Lamb and Rosemary. We source the best meat from our local butcher. The World Loves Melbourne cooks sausages over hot coals on direct heat for that smoky awesome BBQ taste.

Recommended wine: For gourmet sausages wine choice may depend on type of sausages. For chicken sausages we would drink a white wine such as Chardonnay or Riesling. For Beef, Lamb or Italian sausages we would choose a Tempranillo or Pinot Noir - a foodie wine to complement the big flavours of the sausages.

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Aussies have a love affair with lamb. We prefer the Lamb Loin Chops to the cheaper forequarter chops but both are sumptuous on the BBQ. Lamb would have to be the most identifiable meat with an Aussie BBQ. Not only chops, we love to cook up a lamb roast over coals (in the alfoil tray for indirect heat), with rosemary and garlic a feature and making sure there's a crust on the outside and tinge of pink meat on the inside.

Recommended wine: For Lamb chops and a Lamb roast we recommend Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, GSM Blend, Pinot Noir and a Shiraz.

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The World Loves Melbourne still loves to throw those large Aussie prawns on the BBQ. We love to cook prawns over coals in the alfoil tray on indirect heat. Doesn't take long for them to cook and change colour! We love to serve them up hot and juicy straight from the BBQ with some dipping sauce.

Recommended wine: We love to eat prawns with a glass of Riesling, Chardonnay or Pinot Gris. 

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Sometimes we just feel like a light BBQ with Chicken skewers. We feel like it's a healthy meal with skewers cooked over coals and a gourmet salad or two. The World Loves Melbourne never underestimates chicken on the BBQ; this is the best way to cook chicken with slight caramelisation and juicy chicken inside with smoky BBQ taste. So good. Of course we always use Free range chicken from our local butcher. The skewers are also often loaded with capsicum and onion for example for added interest.

Recommended wine: For Lamb chops and a Lamb roast we recommend Pinot Noir and a Shiraz.

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The World Loves Melbourne loves meat but not just a "meatfest" when it comes to the BBQ. Vegetables such as corn and asparagus are dynamic on the BBQ. Even roasting up vine tomatoes in season is a sensation. We BBQ corn with the husk still on over a direct heat. The World Loves Melbourne loves to baste the corn in butter and a spicy sauce for extra kick once cooked.

Recommended wine: Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc.



A BBQ favourite we prefer quality cuts of steak such as Rump or Porterhouse, or even a large T-bone. We're not so keen on thin Minute steaks. The rookie error is to cook the steak too long; we don't want a burnt offering! Char on the outside over direct heat, and juicy on the inside. We always let steak rest for a couple of minutes before we eat.

Recommended wine: Wine choice is red wine all the way including Shiraz, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir and even a big Cabernet Sauvignon.

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That's right, we even cook up dessert on the BBQ. How about cooking up a Pavlova on the BBQ? We love to cook up Flatbreads with Strawberries and Nutella for something decadent on indirect heat in the tray. We love the Nutella melt over the Strawberries. 

Recommended wine: For dessert we recommend a "sticky" wine, notably Late Harvest Riesling or a Moscato.



Rather than visit a bottle shop everytime we need wine we are getting on to Vinomofo and ordering mixed cartons of wine, which contain all the types of wine we need for the perfect BBQ. Vinomofo have a fun vibe with no bowties; they step up, care more, keep it real and do some good.  Everybody should be able to enjoy good wine, without feeling intimidated. There's also  a Mofo 100% Happiness Guarantee - so that while they love these wines, everyone has their own taste! If you’re not 100% happy with anything you order on the ‘Fo, you can return it to Vinomofo anytime for a replacement, full refund, or credit including the return shipping cost. How good is that? Check them out and get your BBQ lifestyle on.

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Have a taste of Vinomofo, the most epic wine site on the planet. Join their epic tribe of 400,000+ vino loving mofos today and discover a world where wine is fun.