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One Plus Piece Cafe and Burgers of Melbourne visit

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One Plus Piece Cafe welcomed Burgers of Melbourne, burger icon of Melbourne, to check out some of their burgers, with The World Loves Melbourne also on hand.

It was great to catch up with Brennan and sample some burgers from this rising cafe in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. One Plus Piece has several talking point dishes, and its burgers have been super popular with rave reviews from burger lovers such as @damoforce in The Burger Weekly.

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One Plus Piece burgers include One Piece Double Chilli Beef, the Angas Beef Cheeseburger, the new BFF with grilled pork and the K-pop with spicy chicken and kimchi, to name a few.

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Burgers of Melbourne doesn't just provide burger lists, but actually scores the burgers out of 10. An experienced burger afficiado, Brennan is looking for several criteria in a burger, as well as the overall appeal. Burgers of Melbourne has uncovered some burger sensations in this city where others have failed to mention; and the influence of this website is palpable.

Burgers of Melbourne is run by one Melbourne guy that just loves burgers, all the pictures are taken with either a Canon 60D or iPhone (when he is not prepared). The way Brennan rates the burgers is by the following: Appearance, Bread, Meat, Flavour and sometimes he includes Satisfaction.

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Burgers of Melbourne and The World Loves Melbourne checked out the One Piece Double chilli beef burger, double bacon, double cheese, caramelised onion, mushroom, lettuce and secret One Piece sauce. Soft brioche melts into double of everything; and the house made patty with chilli has a kick to it. Cheese is melted over the patties and the Double bacon is not to be underestimated. Caramelised onion is also generous and with the lettuce provides some crunch. Mushroom in the mix makes this a hearty substantial burger. The secret sauce provides juiciness, creaminess and tang.

Burgers of Melbourne added an additional patty to make it 3 patties in the burger. Extra cheese and bacon were then added, in fact extra "everything", including the spice. This made for a spicy rendition of the burger. 

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We also both enjoyed another classic at One Plus Piece - the Angas beef and cheese burger in a brioche bun with beetroot relish, tomato, lettuce, bacon, mustard and aoli. This burger is mild compared to the Double Chilli burger with richness of the Angas beef was evident in a seasoned patty. The sauces still have some kick. Fresh lettuce was crispy, as was the bacon. The brioche brought a hint of sweetness and the gherkin on top was a nice touch. Presentation was superb on a board with pirate flag and golden chips....

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Burgers of Melbourne also checked out the K-pop spicy chicken burger; with real kick in the kimchi, spicy chicken, mayo and cheese.

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Check out Brennan's style; a true professional he takes his time over photos for the "money" shot.

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Milkshakes are also a feature at One Plus Piece and we sampled 2 shakes including the Chocolate bar shake of the day.

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The verdict? Burgers of Melbourne gave One Plus Piece an excellent score of 7.7 for its One Piece Double Chilli Burger (a score that rates above many highly fancied burger joints in Melbourne). 

See Burgers of Melbourne comments:

Burger Rating: 7.7/10
Burger Order: One Piece
2 x Chilli Beef Patties, 2 x Cheese, 2 x Bacon, Caramelised Onions, Mushroom, Lettuce & 1 Piece Sauce: $14.50.
(turned mine into a triple)

This was a very interesting burger. The patties tasted bolognese mince, they were mighty juicy and the spice gave this burger one hell of a kick, the cheese melt was on point and the mushrooms were a nice touch.

If you cannot handle spicey food, hit the Japanese fried chicken. My mate @theworldlovesmelbourne ordered it and I had a few bites.