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Best Korean Restaurants in Melbourne 2023

Korean food excites and we have been searching for the best Korean restaurants in Melbourne. Here are some of our favourites.

Paik's Noodle Melbourne

Korean food at it's comforting best at Paik's. Paik's is massive in Korea and is making it's mark here in Melbourne, with Paik himself a rock star chef knwn across the globe. Love the Jjangmyeon with black bean sauce noodles and the extra spicy Gochu Jjamppong Noodle Soup, Jaenban Jajang Noodles and the Tang-suyak noodles. First class handmade noodles are impressive, as is the service here.

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Gukbab - CBD

The name Gukbab means “soup rice” indicating a humble simplicity but there’s a depth and ton of highlights in the menu that evokes much imagination and flair. The stews, hot pots and soups here are famous, as is the fried chicken, with Gukbab being the place to be for the best of Korean soul food.

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Masizzim - The Glen

Masizzim is showing Australians that there’s so much more to Korean food than just BBQ and fried chicken with its first Australian restaurant, which brings signature home style meat stews, ribs and rice balls to The Glen’s new dining precinct. It's authenticity and touch of class makes it one of the best Korean restaurants in Melbourne.

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Authentic Korean stews at affordable prices. Masizzim (pronounced ma-see-zim) comes from the Korean word for delicious, “masi”, and “jjim”, meaning stew, and refers to the restaurant’s specialty Galbi Jjim, a family favourite braised-meat dish usually reserved for festive holidays and high-end restaurants, which Masizzim will be bringing to the people of Glen Waverley at a weekday price point.

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Make it yourself rice balls are fabulous.

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Not to mention Korean dumplings with crispy outer casing.

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Pancakes are a must order.

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Korean feasting at excellent prices in a modern setting in The Glen restaurant district.

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Not to mention the stunning traditional frozen desserts.

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Mr Lee's Foods - Ringwood East

Mr Lee's Food is surely one of the best Korean restaurants in Melbourne, serving up authentic Korean dishes of distinction. Written up in Time Out Melbourne receiving the Best Cheap Eat award is no mean feat. Impressive accolades from a local hero in the burbs. Eastern suburbs locals are rejoicing at this small eatery in Ringwood East.

The menu is limited but there's a string of hits, notably the house-made soondae (Korean blood sausage), steamed pork belly and dwaeji guk bap (pork soup with rice). Comfort food at its best and an authentic Korean food triumph. We're glad we are locals that live around here too. No frills and no website, the attraction is in the food.

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Korean Soondae Blood Sausage Soup is a must order. Vermicelli noodles in the sausage.

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Melt in your mouth pork belly.

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Worth the drive to Ringwood East!

Gami Chicken and Beer - CBD and various

Fan of Korean Fried Chicken? Then Gami is a great example. Because of its success Gami has opened up in several locations across Melbourne. In the early days Gami developed a reputation for serving up some of the best fried chicken in Melbourne, a tradition that has carried on. With a strong connection between Korean Fried Chicken and beer.

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I reckon we've experienced all the Gami chicken flavours of original, sweet chilli, soy garlic and spicy, and we rate them all.

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Korean Fried Chicken is what Gami is famous for, but it serves up other rewarding dishes on the menu.

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Supernormal - CBD

Not a purely Korean restaurant (in fact Pan Asian and takes inspiration from restaurants in Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong) but Supernormal has Korean elements and is one of Melbourne's most iconic restaurants. We enjoyed the kimchi at Supernormal as the starters shine with Korean rice cakes. When we visited there was fried chicken on the menu that may no longer feature. The "feed me" banquet option is great value and this was our preference when visiting with our Canadian friends.

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