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Cocktails and Black Tie Relaunch Amaro Montenegro Liqueur

AmaroMontenegro 1

Amaro Montenegro liqueur was launched at Fall From Grace on Collins in a sparkling black tie event attended by (Lil) The World Loves Melbourne. Venturing down the stairway through a secret sliding door bookcase, the vibe reminded us of the exclusive, vintage underground clubs, like something you’d see in The Great Gatsby.

We were welcomed on a balcony overlooking the bar, at eye level with the stunning chandeliers and feeling the buzz of excitement as the first of four feature cocktails made their way around the room. The Monte Pina had a fruity feel but didn't taste overly sweet thanks to the grapefruit and Amaro. My colleague described it as a morning juice that packs a punch.

AmaroMontenegro 2

A talented contortionist was weaving her way through the crowd, performing her acts on any available surface, including the balcony (I held my breath at first until I saw she definitely wasn’t going to fall). We were wowed by her act while sipping on the Monte Negroni. The Negroni is a combination of seasons, feeling citrusy at first but, after a second or two, warming you from the inside with the gin. As you lean in to taste the cocktail, the scent of orange fills your senses so fully that you feel like you’re already tasting it, making this flavoursome cocktail a multi-layered experience.

Amaro Montenegro was created in 1885 by Stanislao Cobianchi. Dubbed ‘the liqueur of the virtues’, it was named after Elena of Montenegro, a famous Italian princess of the nineteenth century. It can be mixed in many different ways, as showcased during the launch, or appreciated all by itself.

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The official photographer, Anthony Licuria from APL Photography, was doing the rounds taking some stunning shots (available on their Facebook page). There was also a photo booth not only capturing fun memories but advertising the Montenegro brand with an oversized Amaro bottle for revelers to use as a prop.

AmaroMontenegro 4

The night had a great turn out with local bar owners and scores of media coverage. Despite the formal attire, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with everyone up for a chat. You can recognise one of these bloggerfest events by the fact that the waiter can’t offer hors d’oeuvres without at least six people taking a photo before anyone’s allowed to move an appetiser out of place.

AmaroMontenegro 5

The Monte Mule combines Amaro Montenegro with lime juice, vodka, peach liqueur, ginger beer and mint to garnish. Fresh and zesty, it was a standout for us—something you could imagine drinking on a boat in the Greek Islands. It had a summery feel that contrasted brilliantly with the Monte Negroni.

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The Monte Manhattan mixes rye whiskey, maraschino liqueur and glacè cherry in a sophisticated but punchy combo that I wouldn’t recommend drinking sitting down if you’re planning on standing up a minute or two later.

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If anyone was inspired after watching the impressive cocktail makers, Amaro Montenegro gave us the opportunity try our hand at the art with their goodie bags on the way out that included all the recipes from the night as well as a little starter kit. If you’re looking to host a cocktail party, pick up some Amaro Montenegro and get experimenting!



Monte Negroni
30ml Amaro Negroni
30 Sweet Vermouth
30ml Gin
Orange Bitters
Orange peel to garnish

Monte Piña
50ml Amaro Montenegro
20ml Peach Liquor
120ml Pineapple Juice
Splash of sparkling Grapefruit
Pink Grapefruit to garnish

Monte Mule
45ml Amaro Montenegro
30ml Lime Juice
15ml Vodka
Splash of Peach Liqueur
90ml Ginger Beer
Mint sprig to garnish

Monte Manhattan
45ml Amaro Montenegro
45ml Rye Whiskey
Splash of Maraschino Liqueur
Glacè Cherries to garnish