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Back Story: Proof is in the Pudding Interview

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Proof is in the Pudding is a bespoke, boutique bakery delivering sweetness and smiles around Melbourne.

Proof is in the Pudding begun as all good bakeries should; through an immense craving. Obsessed with  all things sweet, Isabelle, searched far and wide for that dream cake. ‘’ I just couldn’t find that slice that hit the spot, explains Isabelle: I had baked all my life and was constantly crafting treats for family and friends so my partner said, ‘If no one else is making your perfect dessert, why not make it yourself’”.

Hence, Proof is in the Pudding was born. And after 15 months in business, Isabelle now custom makes desserts of all types for cafes, restaurants and deli’s around Melbourne, including the likes of Two Birds One Stone, Pillar of Salt and Ripples on the Bay. Corporate clients include Village Roadshow Cinemas and Kookai. However, Isabelle’s individual clientswith their small orders are what truly make her passion for desserts and baking come alive.

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TWLM spent some time with Isabelle Bach to discover how all this sweetness comes to life.

TWLM: Where do you draw your inspiration for baking from?

Isabelle Bach: I’m quite creative naturally so when a craving comes to mind I begin sketching out ideas and experimenting with concepts until they reach that dessert perfection. I’m so happy to be able to customise every individual client’s

cakes in order to create their idea of brilliance. Everyone has unique cravings which is why I want to be able to create each client’s dessert individually.

TWLM: What is Proof’s overall philosophy?

Isabelle Bach: We utilise premium quality, fresh and local produce wherever possible. Our eggs are free range from the Yarra Valley, fruit and veggies from our wonderful Melbourne markets and dairy is both Australian and fresh. Combining this quality of ingredients with the bakery’s refined recipes and everything being made by hand results in an amazing depth of flavour. 

TWLM: What are your signature creations?

Isabelle Bach: My two most popular cakes are definitely the Nutella Cheesecake and the Carrot Nut Cake! They’re truly divine. In the dietary friendly range the Flourless Orange Almond Cake is just one of our many gluten free options and is sensational thanks to the robust flavour of local oranges.

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TWLM: Do you use any unique ingredients in your baking?

Isabelle Bach: Many bakeries rely on artificial dairy products or replacements which unfortunately introduces gelatine, therefore making them non-vegetarian. Proof is in the Pudding is very proud of the fact that all our dairy products are fresh, which is great news for the vegetarians and vegans of Melbourne.

We have some pretty unique creations such as the S&V Pistachio Cake; a beautifully moist couverture chocolate cake layered with our secret eight-hour Belgian fudge and hand roasted pistachio cream, before being topped with salt and vinegar potato chips. Yes potato chips!

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TWLM: The look of a dessert is particularly important. What do you consider the best colour, texture or taste match?

Isabelle Bach: I love using the natural colourings of produce but incorporating an eye-catching visual element such as a rose bud or a spark of colour. When it comes to texture I love to create numerous elements within each dessert to create variation and intensity of flavour. For example, The Sweet European has a moist delicate chocolate cake, layered several times with a rich caramelised coconut feeling studded with crunchy roasted pecans and dripped in the decadent secret eight- hour Belgian fudge. It’s finally encased in a creamy salted caramel frosting.

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TWLM: Are health conscious desserts becoming increasingly popular?

Isabelle Bach: Our gluten-free desserts are extremely popular and people love the range of vegan, dairy free and processed sugar free options which we  offer, especially when they’re entertaining.


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TWLM: What's the best piece of advice you can give the home baker/ enthusiast?

Isabelle Bach: Follow your cravings, keep experimenting, and never let your love of dessert disappear.

Need cake to sweeten up your life?

ProofisinthePudding 3 Ph: Isabelle 0413 172 577

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