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New Dishes at One Plus Piece Cafe in Balwyn A Hit

OnePlusPieceMay 62

As the weather turns to the colder months One Plus Piece Cafe has launched compelling new dishes to their innovative cafe menu.

Already hailed by The Weekly Review, One Plus Piece is firing with American meets Japanese dishes of note. We enjoy the ambience of this cool Japanese anime cafe; with mounted figurines and animation on the walls. Many people identify with Japanese anime and devotees visit this cafe loving the unique experience. The point is that the food and coffee is excellent here; with innovative delicious dishes that are more than the usual cafe suspects.

OnePlusPieceMay 4

Cain is a talented chef who loves to bring flair to the cafe experience. The Potato roesti dish with smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs with Cajun hollandaise sauce is one of the best brunch dishes we have experienced this year. It has everything we want and look for in a brunch dish. Bold flavour, crunch, creamy, texture and well presented; and of course delicious! You get 2 serves of roesti, as well as 2 poached eggs and generous amount of salmon, making for a hearty brunch dish. The Cajun hollandaise sauce is brilliant giving that nuance of heat and spice.

OnePlusPieceMay 37

OnePlusPieceMay 21


OnePlusPieceMay 61

The GEAR 4 Burger is brilliant as a brunch or all day burger; featuring Angas beef, bacon, egg, hash brown, American cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato relish, jalapenos, and sriracha mayo. If your partial to a burger for breakfast this is your burger. It's like an Aussie burger with hash brown, Angas beef patty and egg, with generous cheese. The lettuce and red onion give that refreshing crunch. And the relish, jalapenos and sriracha give the tang and kick! Or equally enjoyable as a lunch dish or later in the day; it's versatile. A winner. 

OnePlusPieceMay 29

We enjoy a large strong latte, even with a burger!

OnePlusPieceMay 24

Japanese anime adorns this cafe; we love the quirk.

OnePlusPieceMay 85

A Chicken burger of note has also been launched; crumbed in chicken schnitzel style, a breast of the chicken is used for best quality chicken. Amazingly, the cheese is found inside the chicken breast; in fact 3 cheeses! This makes for a crunchy juicy burger that hits the high notes! 

The burger is Asian style and also features the crunch of lettuce and the kick of green sriracha for extra kick! We chomped on the first bite and couldn't put this burger down. We felt it was a great winter warmer burger. Like most hot chicken cooked this way its best eaten when it's hot! 

OnePlusPieceMay 68

One Plus Piece is an exciting cafe in Balwyn that we love to visit. We appreciate the evolving menu and adding of new dishes for the colder months. One Plus Piece is an excellent burger destination, but also is strong in many areas as a cafe, including standout brunch dishes, great coffee and compelling healthy eating dishes. Get on it.