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Soups and Curries A Hit At Little Sunflower Cafe

LittleSunflowerMay 27

Little Sunflower Cafe in Ormond Road Elwood has recently launches new soups and curries! We seem to suddenly move from dreamy mild Melbourne autumn weather into days which linger in their chill. It's then you start to think about soups and curries and warmer dishes. Little Sunflower is the place to be for delicious warm dishes. Check out our Best Healthy Eating Cafes. Also please check out our Best Soups in Melbourne.

Soups are not what they used to be; they are now an art form and a hearty meal in themselves. We love authentic soup which is not watered down. We appreciate chunky soups with generous ingredients. We appreciate nutritious soups. And we appreciate innovative interesting soups.

LittleSunflowerMay 16

Little Sunflower Cafe has evolved in its menu and is now offering cracking soups and curries as we move into the colder months. With hits like its Turmeric pancakes, granola breakfast, and its Buddha bowls, this cafe is the real deal; not paying token deference to healthy eating. The soups and curries are equally as healthy as other popular items.

LittleSunflowerMay 21

The new soups and curries are packed with nutrition. The World Loves Melbourne sampled the fare and came away feeling a million dollars for the rest of the day. Sure we also love our burgers, but this is the kind of food we need day in day out. We think these dishes can appear in some "best of" lists in Melbourne.

LittleSunflowerMay 40

Take the stunning Quinoa risotto with cauliflower, beetroot, spinach and goats cheese. This risotto uses quinoa and cauliflower rather than standard rice. Quinoa gives the risotto a lightness we appreciated, not stodgy at all. And the combination is just so delicious. Goats cheese is a superb accompaniment on top of the risotto. We've been raving about this dish ever since.

LittleSunflowerMay 24

Angie has a dream whereby healthy food is not just an exception but becomes "mainstream" eating. With food like this, we agree! Healthy and delicious!

LittleSunflowerMay 5

We were also able to sample a compelling delicious soup of Lamb shank and pearl barley soup served with Dench bakery sourdough. This was an outstanding soup; who doesn't love lamb shank and pearl barley? Yet it was done so well. There was a viscosity to the soup; not thin and watery but a tad thick. This was a hearty soup indeed; Little Sunflower bringing us warmth through its soup. 

The good news is that the soups will change from day to day; bringing variety and flair.

LittleSunflowerMay 30

Then there is the curry, a specialty at Little Sunflower. Angie served up an innovative curry of pumpkin, coconut, chickpea curry with forbidden black rice & kale. We know curries well, but this nutritious delicious curry showcasing the best in whole foods is next level. Little Sunflower don't believe in over treating foods, but letting them speak for themselves. 

LittleSunflowerMay 47

Little Sunflower is also featured in The Wellness Book Victoria with a select list of healthy style cafes (and is selling the book for $25).

LittleSunflowerMay 52

Little Sunflower Cafe is one of the hottest cafes in Melbourne right now. Grant and Angie have hit the high notes with their whole foods, naturally ethos, great coffee and service in Ormond Road Elwood. The cafe is usually packed and the vibe is of a community feel and a place of warmth, just like the sunflower.