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Coffeehead - a Brilliant Coffee Playground

Coffeehead is a groovy and serious coffee destination in Camberwell that soars high above the cafe and Melbourne restaurants pack. Coffeehead is another masterstroke of Paul Mathis, who is taking all before him in the Melbourne restaurant scene. Coffee devotees are impressed with the wide range of Melbourne's and Australia's top coffee brands and blends available for consumption.

Check out the row of great coffee brands for sale along the wall including Gridlock, Plantation, Coffee Supreme and Padre or go online and order.


I rocked up to Coffeehead as part of my prep for the AFL Grand Final. I needed some coffee and carbs before the big game. This was essentially Hawthorn territory although a few Swans supporters were also at the cafe that day.


Coffeehead always has several coffee choices on hand (five rotating off the bench). I didn't ask for any in particular trusting that anything they poured me would be great. My coffee was smooth and strong through the midfield. Coffeehead offers nearly every conceivable technique of coffee making.


Coffeehead combines retro with a modern fit out. There's quirky and retro pieces including neon concert posters, cool lamps, retro chairs and modern stools, recycled metal tables, communal tables that are grungy being ex-factory benches, retro yellow tiles along the counter, and floor which is partly tiled and partly carpet.


Coffeehead has some serious cuisine - it's not just a coffee haven. To be honest I absolutely raved about my bowl of Spag Bol with gruyere cheese on sourdough. Perfect pre match prep that warmed my stomach. Hearty and gourmet as they make their own pasta. A triumph. I checked out the Big Head breakfast and Coffeehead baked beans, which looked amazing. I've also heard amazing things about the Coffeehead steak sandwich.


Coffeehead offers the coffee lover some great accessories. I noticed the Aeropress was only $49, much cheaper than elsewhere. For people that want a great coffee experience at home you can also order their coffee product and accessories online.


Coffeehead is a large spacious place with a great ambience and has a large open kitchen and roastery area. The day I visited it was packed and a wait for tables.

Coffeehead has some serious coffee artillery such as the manual lever La San Marco and DC Pro espresso machine. At the back of Coffeehead are two impressive roasters.


Coffeehead describe themselves as a super duper warehouse and coffee playground. 


Coffeehead is an awesome find and the humble nondescript entrance belies the coffee royalty inside.