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Healthy Eating at Little Big Sugar Salt

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Little Big Sugar Salt is a revelation in Abbotsford with its healthier style menu and charming building. It seems their menu has had an overhaul with a plethora of eye catching healthy dishes; with one of the owners telling us they've had a "life change".  Nestled in a sea of Asian style eateries, Little Big Sugar Salt has a quirky name for a health inspired cafe. Check out our Best Healthy Eating Cafes.

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The Breakfast for Juan features breakfast corn tortillas filled with healthy produce like sweet corn quinoa and black bean salsa, pickled green tomatoes, coriander and pomegranate and brocomole and a fried egg. Extra sauces are available if you think the dish needs more kick than what the brocomole provides. The World Loves Melbourne was impressed by the fresh zesty healthy nature of the dish with creaminess and crunch; a nod to textures as well as Mexican style flavours. For the meat eaters you can get pulled pork added for a small fee, but we think these breakfast tortillas stand up on their own. Also try the popular Acai granola dish and the Bowl of Health as you move into even healthier eating territory.

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Coffee here is excellent and staff affable and hospitable. The cafe features chic rooms running off a passage; grab yourself a spot at one of the timber tables. The menu is actually a print publication with quirky news and useful recipes; a highlight in itself!

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