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Best Cellar Doors on Mornington Peninsula

MerricksCreekApril16 76

Where to go on the Mornington Peninsula in terms of the best Cellar Doors? We've picked out our best 5 cellar door experiences. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to explore the treasures that surround us; and it's only an hour to travel to experience world class winery experiences on the Mornington Peninsula.

Merricks Creek Winery44 Merricks Rd, Merricks

Merricks Creek is one of the best Cellar Door experiences in Australia and a must visit destination, with rave reports from those that have visited. Open weekends, Merricks Creek Winery is a breath of fresh air on the Mornington Peninsula.

What we love about Merricks Creek - 

- A Cellar Door experience practically in the vineyards

- Cellar Door tasting with winemakers who are delightful hosts

- Affordable dishes at a Winery is almost unheard of. At the time of writing you can get 2 generous dishes and 2 glasses of top Pinot Noir for $44.

- Engaging friendly service with staff passionate

- Handmade winemaking process is inspirational

- French and notably Burgundy influences

- Decent food of Mediterranean style shared dishes (the eye fillet is the same supplied to some top restaurants in Crown)

- Top notch wine from a James Halliday 5 Star Winery

- Family run and all in the family are involved. 


MerricksCreekApril16 73

Merricks Creek  new Cellar Door is fabulous and compelling; imbibe great wine and food on a raised deck with vineyards "up close and personal". The Pinot Noir here is top notch and shows what the Mornington Peninsula and Merricks Creek is capable of; with Merricks Creek a James Halliday 5 star winery. Peter Parker the owner and winemaker, is also a clinical psychologist in South Yarra. He  describes his labour of love at the winery as "a hobby gone mad".

People describe a visit to Merricks Creek as refreshing and relaxing. This is the place to catch up with friends and family. Charm and romanticism infuse this family winery; with Peter telling us how they were originally grape growers until a contract fell through in 2001 and they decided to make their own wine. The rest is history as they have made wines at every vintage, to huge acclaim. 

MerricksCreekApril16 9

Visiting Merricks Creek Winery is a sensory experience. The new Merricks Creek cellar door belongs as much in the design and fashion space as it does in the wine and food space. The vision for the building was inspirational; in the middle of vines for an authentic vineyard experience. 

Peter Parker enlisted the skills and expertise of renowned architect John Lawrey. John had been instrumental in the development of another leading Mornington Peninsula winery, a winery admired by Peter Parker.

MerricksCreekHistory2 6

Image: Jamie Durrant.

What is the perfect food at a winery? We love the Mediterranean shared dishes in their simplicity and quality. Think Roasted tomatoes, Meredith Dairy goat curd, grilled ciabatta and rocket; or indulge in Tarrago marinated mushrooms with ciabatta. A highlight is Rare eye fillet, caper vinaigrette and ciabatta, and the 20 month aged Italian prosciutto di Parma, Shaw River buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with ciabatta. So affordable; you love it when you sense a winery is giving back to the punters rather than bleeding you dry.

Desserts also impress including Kahlua espresso deconstructed tiramisu and White chocolate mousse mini pots are moorish and delectable creamy bliss. These has become a hit on social media; and the taste is something else!

The feeling at Merricks Creek is that you are right in the vineyards with a cellar door of style. You don't get this feeling at many winery cellar doors. The interplay with texture is a highlight; from rough hewn stone, to the Merbau timber raised deck (which appears as a floating deck to the casual eye from the vineyard), to the soft cushions and use of concrete. Aspects such as the bi-fold doors and continuity of the decking from inside to outside contribute to a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors; all the rage these days including in homes.

MerricksCreekApril16 7

Spacious and stylish. The advent of natural light is also a highlight; facilitated by the use of perspex glass on top of the roof.

MerricksCreekApril16 36

Add a dose of character! Note the fine use of timber here with barrel and table, as well as the deck; a winery of character. The mounted photos of the early days of the winery involving family addd to the historical charm. You can book your table for weekend casual dining experiences.

MerricksCreekApril16 37

Peter Parker is enthused about the plantings on the property that draws inspiration on Monet. As we know Monet's garden in Giverny was like his impressionist paintings. Its about the interplay between colour and texture. The pale trees against the dark. The soft moving populars against dark still pine. Weeping willows, soft leaves. You can see this artistry at Merricks Creek above; in a once bare paddock. Create a world within a world.

Check out the old telegraph poles at the front of the balcony. Recycling old telegraph poles is great for the environment and gives a rustic feel.

MerricksCreekApril16 52

Family friendly! A vast lawn makes Merricks Creek Winery family friendly; The World Loves Melbourne has seen children running around enjoying this space. 

Merricks Creek boasts four fireplaces for toasty warmth in the colder months. This speaks of attention to detail and care for customers. It also means that Merricks Creek Winery is a compelling visit no matter the season.

MerricksCreekApril16 63

A large board with dishes posted in chalk adds to the character.

MerricksCreekApril16 71

MerricksCreekApril16 70

From the car park the deck appears to be a floating deck; floating above the vineyard. Magical.

MerricksCreekApril16 90

The changing seasons provide an aesthetic with visitors to the winery imbibing in the midst of the vineyards; autumn is simply stunning.

MerricksCreekApril16 98

Merricks Creek is a joyous Cellar Door visit; from the Mediterranean style food to the passion from Peter and Sam at Cellar Door tasting and the standout Pinot Noir and Chardonnay; to the style and fashion of the new cellar door and stunning grounds.


Ocean Eight271 Tucks Rd, Shoreham

Ocean Eight is a stunning Cellar Door visit and premium experience on the Mornington Peninsula.

What we love about Ocean Eight -

- Premium wines that are sold to top restaurants in Australia (some of the best wine on the Peninsula)

- Barrel tasting downstairs is amazing when on a private tour

- Stunning grounds and views.

A visit here is to taste some of the best wines on Mornington Peninsula at the Cellar Door. Ocean Eight delights with Mike Aylward the Winemaker taking us downstairs for a barrel tasting, ie a tasting straight from the barrels. The World Loves Melbourne loves a good barrel tasting and we were excited to try a young Nebiollo, as well as Pinots and Chardonnays.  Mike Aylward gave us the run down on Ocean Eight, who sell most of their wines to top restaurants around the country (and mainly in Melbourne).The grounds of Ocean Eight are spectacular with smallish Cellar Door and sweeping views of gardens and ranges.


OceanEight 6

A barrel tasting with Mike Aylward is a highlight.

OceanEight 7

OceanEight 8

OceanEight 13

Cellar Door boasts magnificent wines; The World Loves Melbourne believes quality of wines is a key consideration for any Cellar Door.

OceanEight 14

OceanEight 16

Large stainless steel tanks stand gracefully.

OceanEight 17

The grounds of Ocean Eight are simply magnificent.

OceanEight 18

OceanEight 19

OceanEight 20

Foxeys Hangout - 795 White Hill Rd, Red Hill

Foxeys Hangout is a boutique winery that impresses with -

- A spectacular setting which belies its humble frontage.

- Food is available in the restaurant at affordable prices with blackboard menu

- Handmade winemaking process

- Open kitchen

- Relaxed and friendly vibe.

This is not a highly commercial winery but more about meeting with friends. Check out the tasty dishes such as meatballs, share plates and duck rillettes. Majestic views are to be imbibed through the large windows. Eat your meal on the stunning deck, or even on the steps! Enjoy their wines by the glass. Foxeys Hangout also boasts award winning wines and is literally a great place to hang out. Images Credit - Foxeys Hangout website.

Surely Foxeys Hangout is one of the best Mornington Peninsula Wineries in terms of its rustic charm and spectacular setting.

 Foxeys 2

Lunch is served in a highly attractive setting...

Foxeys 1

Pinot Noir from the barrels. Michael and Tony Lee are former Melbourne restaurateurs.

Foxeys 3

Foxeys 4

Every great Cellar Door has a legendary wine dog.

Foxeys 5

Images: Foxeys Hangout Facebook.


Quealy Winemakers62 Bittern-dromana Rd, Balnarring 

The World Loves Melbourne loves Quealy Winemakers which boasts -

- Rustic charm that you won't find in highly commercial ventures

- A wild range of wines and wines you may not find elsewhere like Friulano

- The charm of Kathleen Quealy

- The old style tanks that contrast with the new stainless steel tanks

- Winery dog heaven.

Quealy Winemakers with the much awarded Kathleen Quealy the Winemaker and her team on hand for a premium wine tasting. Quealy is a cool, alternative winery that is unlike many wineries you'll ever visit. They are prone to experiment and bring out the best the region can offer. The vibe is slightly grungy but the winemaking techniques are cutting edge. Kathleen makes unique varietals that match brilliantly with food. Every wine we tasted was elegant. At Quealy Winemakers it's a family affair, including a few pets along the way for rustic charm. If you're used to the hustle and bustle of city life, a tour with Adam Nicholls including Quealy Winemakers is a perfect tonic to escape the city blues.

Kathleen Quealy is famous for championing Pinot Gris/Grigio in Australia and is currently championing the Friulano variety.

Quealy 1

How rustic is this? Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with shed style Cellar Door with dog out the front. But you will love the quality of the wines.

Quealy 7

Quealy 8

Quealy 9

Kathleen is a master winemaker and pioneer and her charm and knowledge are compelling.

Quealy 10

Quealy 11

Quealy 13

Quealy describe themselves as having an "informal" cellar door and we love it.

Quealy 14 

Experience the nuances of Italianesque wines.

 Quealy 17

We went for a stroll with Kathleen in the vineyards...

Quealy 18

Quealy 20

Quealy 23

Check out the old tanks, right next to the shiny new stainless steel tanks! Quealy are known for wines fermented in terracotta.

Quealy 27

 When there's more than one winery dog you know this place is seriously rustic!


Paradigm Hill - 26 Merricks Road, Merricks

Paradigm Hill is a delightful bespoke winery in Merricks region. With George and Ruth Mihaly the owners, Paradigm Hill has struck a chord with Gourmet Traveller.

Things we love about Paradigm Hill - 

- Excellent Wines (Pinot Noir, Col's Block Shiraz, Rose, Riesling)

- Best Cellar Door with Gourmet Traveller

- Excellent tasting platter to accompany the tasting

- Sustainability (working towards a zero carbon footprint)

- 5 Star James Halliday Winery

- Charming family run winery


Paradigm 8 

A bespoke experience on the Mornington Peninsula with great views and charming verandah.

Paradigm 6

Paradigm 5

Pinot Noir in barrels.

Paradigm 1

Vines are low yield with great intensity.

Paradigm 2

Paradigm 3

A selection of Col's Block vintages.

Paradigm 4

 Paradigm Hill is the perfect bespoke boutique winery to visit on the weekend to escape the "rat race" and enjoy a premium Cellar Door experience.


Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove - 33 Red Hill - Shoreham Road, Red Hill South


Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove is a spectacular winery in Red Hill and a grand slice of the Mediteranean.

Features of Montalto -

- A stunning setting with sweeping views

- A top notch fine dining restaurant

- A more casual restaurant experience outdoors

- Great example of Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir

- Local produce sourced from the garden

- Extra attraction of the arts and sculpture

- Cool "Morrey" car.

This is surely one of the best Mornington Peninsula Wineries and a winery to take "out of towners". This winery displays the best of the Peninsula with wonderful views and high class food and wine. Every time we've visited Montalto the car park is full of luxury cars - the top end of town is fond of Montalto.

The wine itself is excellent - come here mainly for top notch Pinot and Chardonnay. The Reserve Pinot is to be raved about but also the standard Pinot at around $30 is a cracker. Check out the white linen hatted fine dining in the restaurant or enjoy the amazing ambience of the cafe outside nestled next to rolling vineyards and a stunning garden. Local produce includes food sourced from the local garden. Food at the outdoor cafe includes superb pizzas and excellent platters. Also check out the sculpture pieces throughout the property and the Olive grove. Images - The World Loves Melbourne.

Montalto 2
Fine dining at the top of the hill or make your way down to stunning outdoor dining.
Montalto 4
So many barrels!
Montalto 5
Morrey is an institution.
Montalto 3
Reasonable prices and a stunning setting makes this one of the most popular Cellar Door experiences on the Mornington Peninsula.
Montalto 1
Images above: Montalto Instagram.
Mornington 7
We imbibed a Salmon pizza; perfect for for a Cellar Door visit...
Mornington 3 
Images above: The World Loves Melbourne.
Montalto ticks many boxes as one of the most desirable Cellar Door visits on the Mornington Peninsula.