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Mukka An Authentic Indian Delight on Brunswick Street

Mukka is a standout Indian restaurant on Brunswick Street that brings authenticity and big flavours to Indian cuisine. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to Mukka to sample the menu on a cold Melbourne night; the perfect place to be to warm the palate and the soul! Mukka is a serious contender for best Indian restaurant in Melbourne according to The World Loves Melbourne.

Mukka is not a stereotype Indian restaurant serving the usual suspects in a predictable way; rather its resonates with innovation, authentic spice and fresh ingredients. The mindset in the kitchen is to represent Indian dishes as they should be; not dumbed down for Western tastes. There's no holding back on spices, although you can turn the spice meter up if you want. Of course the spice combinations such as Garam Masala are house made on site. There's a passion and enthusiasm here to meet the void often felt around Indian food in Melbourne. You can't count on one hand the number of standout Indian restaurants, and Mukka has packed a punch (we since found out 'Mukka" means punch) since its launch.

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Prateek Dhawan is from Northern India and with his brother Aditya, has injected authenticity and passion to represent Indian flavours well without compromise in Melbourne. As The World Loves Melbourne has visited India three times, we are on the search for the high notes of Indian cuisine we experienced in northern India. Points of difference here? Street food at its best. Flair. Passion. Vibe. Great sauces. Great spices. Variety of dishes from across India.

A highlight at Mukka is the Spicy Lamb Chops! These pack a real punch with flavours exploding in the mouth! I was told by friends that this is a must try dish at Mukka and they were right! Marinated overnight its hard to imagine these could display any more flavour.

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Mukka has its own charm and eating here is a pleasure. Meals are served on aluminium trays and water in aluminium cups, which we embraced. An open kitchen enhances the ambience. 

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Tandoori Prawns were plump and came with a decent hit of spice, served with a delightful salad. The Indian beers and local Grenache were perfect accompaniments to the food.

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Mukka is compellingly artistic with hanging plants, artwork on walls and block prints on the tables. This is one of the most atmospheric Indian restaurants in Melbourne! Sexy.

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 Aloo Chaat (Spicy Potato Snack) is an absolute sensation. You might find this snack among Northern Indian roadside vendors; maybe the Western equivalent of chips and gravy. Fry potatoes in oil and add spices and chutney. Indian comfort food? We loved it.

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Naan bread, plain and garlic, was perfectly cooked and light not stodgy or oily.

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Goat Curry is such a delicacy that you don't often see on menus. We understand it's the no 1 consumed meat in the world. And this was melt in your mouth goat curry with delectable tomato and onion gravy, having been slow cooked for hours.

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Bhel Puri was a dish I couldn't resist and kept dipping into; a moorish song of flavours. Billed an Indian street food snack this is a compelling dish that features puffed rice, vegetables and tamarind. You may find this on the streets of Mumbai, showing us that Mukka introduces cuisines from across India.

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Butter chicken is delightfully creamy, with cashew flavours and crunch of almonds. Chicken is cooked perfectly and oh the sauce! We ended up spooning the exceptional sauce on to our plates and finished it all.

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Mukka 2 

Dessert menu is limited to one dessert; but its a sensation. The Bombay Falooda Kulfi is multi textured and interesting. A hit of sweetness with pistachio, kulfi, rose syrup, falooda and tapioca pearls, served in a large glass.

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Indian street food is trending in Melbourne and there is no finer exponent than Mukka. Get on it.

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