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Lady Carolina Authentic Latino Cuisine on Lygon St

Lady Carolina is a standout Latin American restaurant in Lygon St Brunswick that evokes memories of overseas dining experiences; notably the joy of fish tacos in Mexico. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience the delights of Lady Carolina's new menu and we were impressed. We were taken by the flair and soul food presented by the chefs, and the new parrilla grill.

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The food at Lady Carolina is as a bright as the eatery itself! We've experienced fabulous Latin American food in the USA, Mexico, and in parts of South America. Often in Australia the food is tempered with a twist to suit local tastes but there's a distinctive authenticity at Lady Carolina that appeals.

The Guacamole with corn chips is delicious and a must order dish at Lady Carolina, featuring pico de gallo and freshly made corn chips with queso fresco cheese. A bowl of happiness on a Melbourne winter's day!

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Mojitos! A delightful cocktail. The cocktails were excellent here including their twist on a Bloody Mary.

LadyCarolina 6

There were many highlights to our dining experience including this Char Grilled Sweet Corn and coriander mayo, with dried chilli "macha" and queso fresco cheese. Juicy corn is so good when charred! But the kick of the spices takes it to another level. For the start we were wowed by great food cooked on the parrilla grill.

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Ceviche is a Latino favourite and we understand this dish is served in the traditional way, unlike other ceviche dishes in Melbourne served flat on the plate. Lady Carolina delivers with this Fish ceviche marinated in citrus, aji chilles, onion, coriander with sweet potato crisps! Crunch of crips, creamy fish, and citrus tang! Ceviche heaven!

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Lady Carolina has an engaging colourful artistic ambience. Tiles, plants, quirky objects, timbers, artwork... And the space is huge!

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And neon signs!

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Yay! Fish tacos with the name of Baja taco - just how we remember tacos in Mexico. This is the ultimate Mexican street food! Baja Taco comes with dark beer battered fish, slaw, pico de gallo and chipotle aoli. Crunchy, tangy and a generous amount of tasty fish in the taco. We could live here! Baja itself would be happy with these tacos!

LadyCarolina 23

Family recipe Pork Short Ribs on the parrilla was sensational, caramelised and full of flavour. An accompanying large chilli was not too hot to eat!

LadyCarolina 27

Broccoli as a side was also superb, cooked on the grill.

LadyCarolina 29

A highlight is the Argentinian style Skirt Steak cooked on the parrilla. Tender meat with signature fresh chimichurri! So good!

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Lady Carolina also has a strong dessert game.  pumpkin fritters in dark brown sugar are indulgent, with cinnamon and clove syrup, and served with creme fraiche.

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Churros are spectacular; served in the Mexican style which is different to the Spanish style. The texture seems slightly heavier (although still light). These churros are served with cajeta caramel cream and a Mexican spiced chocolate.

LadyCarolina 38

Then there's Cindy's Grandma's Flan; a decadent cream cheese and pecan creme caramel delight! This recipe is from the heart of the chef; a dessert with soul!

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 Lady Carolina is a fabulous dining destination that is fun, and full of flair, authenticity and honesty. Get on it.


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