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FEED ME, TEASE ME - Buffalo Boy Brighton Pop In

Brighton’s first ever Pop In Buffalo Boy, has just opened its doors to visitors looking for some fresh and fragrant Vietnamese flavours. Formerly known as Chi, this Bay Street restaurant has undergone a re-imagining, inspired by new chef, Tam Dao. For now Buffalo Boy has chosen to tempt food lovers with a limited opening between the 16th and 25th of July, before a full opening and new menu launch on August 12th. The World Loves Melbourne got to pop in for a sneak peek and delicious taster of their mysterious menu. 

Buffalo Boy are keeping it simple with two options for now; the Tease Me ($15) which includes 4 successive canapés, or the Feed Me ($20) which also ends with a main meal. The mysterious menu begins to unravel as the collection of dishes move from mild and aromatic, to dark, rich and sweet.  

BuffaloBoy 1

Aromatic Beef Pho is cleverly served in a teacup; the refreshing broth introducing us to some classic Vietnamese ingredients like fish sauce, fresh herbs, ginger and chili. It’s an aromatic and cleansing start, made all the more enjoyable by picking up the cup to sip the last satisfying drops.  

BuffaloBoy 2

A serve of crispy Chicken Drumlets with a caramelised tamarind sauce follows, with crunchy vermicelli noodles and a mix of fresh herbs. Ginger and chili share a hum of heat, without overpowering the other flavours. 

BuffaloBoy 3

Two Way Chicken and Prawn Dumplings with citrusy and sweet nuoc cham are soft on the inside and crispy on the bottom; the colourful garnish infusing each mouthful with a refreshing aroma. 

BuffaloBoy 5

As the courses continue the sauces move into darker territory. We dip Pork Belly into smokey, caramelised honey soy glaze, savoring the soft, rich centre and crunchy skin. The  refreshing mint is a cooling addition, beautifully balancing the buttery meat. 

BuffaloBoy 6 

BuffaloBoy 7

We finish by feasting on Lemongrass beef ribs with rice and watercress slaw.  Fresh lime, cucumber and herbs create layers of contrast, cleverly accompanying the dark, sticky ribs. In true Vietnamese fashion, the meal concludes with a lemongrass and ginger tea. 

BuffaloBoy 8

To unravel the mystery for yourself by experiencing the Tease Me or Feed Me menus, pop in to Buffalo Boy Brighton by the 25th of this month. Otherwise, put August 12th in your diary and get ready for the full reimagination experience. Buffalo is coming...

- Rachel Mason