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One Plus Piece Balwyn Blogger Event for New Menu Launch

One Plus Piece recently launched new menu items as a quirky and highly rewarding brunch and burger sensation in Balwyn. The World Loves Melbourne hosted a blogger event with many of Melbourne's top bloggers on hand to sample the menu.

OnePlusPieceBlogger 53

One Plus Piece loves to bring playfulness with its freak shakes; above is the Black Rock shake featuring oreos. Owners Yvette and Cain were keen to show leading Melbourne bloggers their innovative brunch dishes and killer burgers, as well as sensational shakes and other drinks. This is not 'same old' cafe menu territory but One Plus Piece enjoys having points of difference. They bring American and Asian influences to the table for bold flavours.

OnePlusPieceBlogger 62

Leading bloggers @burgerbitches checked out the burgers (no surprise) including the One Plus Piece featuring Double chilli beef, double bacon, double cheese, caramelised onion, mushroom and one piece sauce. They also added a hash brown for a brunch vibe. Burger bitches were also into the Japanese anime theme. 

OnePlusPieceBlogger 32

Other leading bloggers added extras to their burgers, including @secretburgerbusiness, @moustache_titties and @wayne_gainsayer. These guys can put it away.

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Meanwhile leading bloggers such as @melbourne_glutton, @foodreviewaustralia and @commonfoodie were out on the street posting pics of the new Strawberry Monster Shake with caramel pudding, chocolate cake, fairy floss and freeze dried strawberries.

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Other leading bloggers @twofoodfriends and @missy_ness_ were checking out the Breakfast Bagel, Burgers and Shakes, not to mention matcha drinks and tea.

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The GEAR 4 burger in all it's glory! Angas beef goodness with bacon, egg, hash brown, American cheese, lettuce and red onion, tomato relish, jalapenos and sriracha mayo. This is a perfect brunch and all day burger!

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This green smoothie for your detox! Top blogger @themelbournecheapskate enjoyed this green beauty as well as the One Piece burger. Taylor took out an Instagram competition with the cafe owners as the judges.

OnePlusPieceBlogger 28

Check out the amazing anime art in One Plus Piece (below).

OnePlusPieceBlogger 23

OnePlusPieceBlogger 26

Adding chicken to the GEAR 4 burger...

OnePlusPieceBlogger 20

One Plus Piece has a great atmosphere with its vibrant anime figurines and artwork and various props.  Even stocks/cuffs/chains on the wall!

OnePlusPieceBlogger 30

OnePlusPieceBlogger 18

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A stunning brunch dish is the Kung Hei Fat Choy; featuring potato and chorizo croquettes, cumin grilled pork belly, smashed pumpkin and sweet potato, crispy kale and poached egg. Here we have creaminess and crunch, and essentailly a healthy brunch dish.

OnePlusPieceBlogger 33 

OnePlusPieceBlogger 35

Burgers arrive with the One Piece pirate flag on top and many elected for wedges or fries...

OnePlusPieceBlogger 37

One Plus Piece has just developed a killer courtyard area out the back. But it also has a charming dining area on the street outside the restaurant with these white tables and green chairs. Pictured below is the Kung Hei Fat Choy dishes, as well as the Eggs Benedict with pulled beef popular brunch dish.

OnePlusPieceBlogger 48

Such vibrant dishes, rewarding flavours, and generous portions.

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 One Plus Piece Cafe in Balwyn has been kicking goals since it opened and the menu is always evolving. Thanks to all the bloggers for coming along (check out their comments on their blogs and Insta accounts).