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Steak Ministry Bar & Grill in Glen Waverley

Steak Ministry Bar & Grill is a revelation in Glen Waverley, a New York style steak restaurant that packs a punch. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience the high quality menu offerings at Steak Ministry Bar & Grill. These guys don't hold back; they bring "the best of the best" when it comes to premium meats and service. Sophisticated, yet relaxed, we felt Steak Ministry is the perfect destination to bring your corporate clients, for couples, groups and family occasions. Surely one of the best steak and meat restaurants in Melbourne.

To be honest we've had Steak Ministry on our radar since it opened. We understand diners are looking for exceptional steak and restaurant experiences. We also note the rise of the eastern suburbs when it comes to dining; you don't have to venture into the city for top quality dining experiences. 

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High quality steak requires sourcing high quality award winning purveyors from around Australia. Steak Ministry sources the big names when it comes to meats. Steak aficionados will know the top names; and Steak Ministry 'brings it' with suppliers such as : Mayura Station Wagyu (SA), Sher Wagyu (VIC), Clover Valley Fine Foods, Ocean Made Made, Richmond Oysters, Spencer Wilkinson and The Truffle & Wine Co. They are a restaurant that pours award winning wine, spirits and beers from around the world. 

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Steak Ministry Bar & Grill are surely one of the top go-to places for a fantastic steak experience!  They are the only Australian restaurant to serve the 1.2-2kg Sher Wagyu Tomahawks (pictured above)!

Steak Ministry are also a restaurant that pours award winning wine, spirits and beers from around the world. As well as stocking limited edition bottles such as: Penfold Grange Hermitage, Rockford Basket Press Shiraz and the Bogle Phantom Red.

Executive Chef Chris Wade has worked in famous kitchens around the world and in Melbourne and boasts associations with Marco Pierre-White and Gordon Ramsay, as well as Michael Lambie and Scott Pickett. We had a chat with Chris and got to hear his passion for fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. The fact that Steak Ministry has been packed out since it opened a couple of years ago is a testament to Chris Wade and his team! The customers love it!

When we dine we don't just have ourselves in mind; we're looking for restaurants we can take friends, family and international guests. Australia boasts some of the best beef and meats in the world. We are looking to showcase such amazing produce to our overseas friends. Steak Ministry is the perfect place to take 'out of towners'.

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Sher Wagyu 'Smoked' Beef Tartare featuring egg yolk gel, and puffed wagyu tendon, was a power packed starter with flavours exploding in the mouth. We loved the quality of the Sher Wagyu and the smoky flavours. The puffed wagyu tendon was a texture contrast but also full of flavour. A sense of theatre captivated us with a glass filled with smoke being unveiled to reveal the dish. The smoky aromas were extraordinary. So good!

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Seared Sea Scallop featured Wagyu bresaola, burnt cauliflower and dukkha. We also detected nuance of truffle. The scallop was superbly cooked and we enjoyed the smoky flavours in the puree, as well as the texture of the air dried Wagyu.

We realised early on that this is a restaurant of the "little touches"; it is not just about putting fine meat on a plate but there's loads of technique and nuance.

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Another distinctive of Steak Ministry Bar & Grill is in the theatre and presentation. The waiter came around with our meat for the evening on display; and asked us how we would like it cooked. Of course we went with the chef recommendation of medium rare. How good does it look!

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Wines are top notch and this Bannockburn De La Roche Shiraz is a cracker to enjoy with premium meats.

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Steak Ministry Bar & Grill showed us more cooking finesse; with the Smoked Sticky Lamb Rib featuring Tequila glaze, Latin spice, agave, and rosemary. This was presented beautifully on the board with Togarashi Spiced Chicken Rib with sweet corn and jalapeno, and corn dust. The glaze of the lamb was first class and the meat came easily off the bone. This was lamb at its best. The Chicken rib was a surprise; again exploding with flavour with kick of jalapeno.

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Even in the middle of winter on a cold rainy night, Steak Ministry is packed...Steak Ministry is a delightful mix of textures with excellent use of dark timbers, metal light fittings, leather backed seating, illuminated screens and wood-metal roof hangings.SteakMinistry 36

The highlight was the main of Sher Wagyu 400 Day Grain Fed Eye Fillet MS7 and Rump Cap. This was 'meat heaven!' Melt in your mouth meat!

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The sides were also a standout; Wagyu fat roasted potatoes, New York fries, smoked garlic salt was indulgent. The STK.M market vegetables were fresh and firm, and the Broccoli and radish salad with buttermilk, tarragon, black garlic and roasted almonds was a highlight. Perfect top notch sides to accompany the amazing meat.

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Creamy cauliflower also boasted shavings of truffle. 

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Steak Ministry Bar & Grill delivers in terms of presentation, cooking of the meat, the sides and the high quality wines.

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Desserts were also a strong point of Steak Ministry. A sense of theatre impressed with the Tahitian Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake featuring textures of strawberry and white chocolate snow. Is it really a  strawberry?

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The night ended on a huge high note with another dessert; Our Amazing 'Smoking Bomb' featured Ferrero Rocher, liquid center and toasted marshmallows. Again there was a theatrical display with smoke arising!

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The World Loves Melbourne steak lovers David and Ted enjoyed the delights of Steak Ministry Bar & Grill. Ted is a steak aficionado and has been involved at steak judging events. David is also a steak aficionado having dined around the world and experienced the best produce in 40+ nations including Argentina and other well known meat destinations. We are both steak marbling freaks! We both love a seared T-bone or rump! We love Rib-eye and scotch fillet!

What we love is the passion behind Steak Ministry; they are proud and passionate about what they do! Of course it's about how it's delivered, and we weren't disappointed! Each steak here has a story; of where it comes from, it's quality, and how it's prepared!

Steak Ministry Bar & Grill is the sort of place that would appeal to families, friends, but also to corporates. Having operated in the corporate world for years, I would recommend Steak Ministry as a place to dine with your business colleagues and clients. Highly recommended.





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