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Judging at the Fabulous St Kilda Winter Foodie Competition

The St Kilda Foodie Competition is a new epic foodie event from July 1 - 31 showcasing some of the best cuisine in St Kilda. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along with leading Melbourne bloggers Gastrology to be judges visiting 18 restaurants over a weekend in July - to score the winning dish. The judging process was a tough task as the standard was so high! Each restaurant served up it's entry for the competition and we scored each dish according to several prescribed criteria. Winners will be announced at the end of July. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to explore and enjoy a precinct; and St Kilda is a leading foodie destination in Melbourne.

For The World Loves Melbourne it was loads of fun to visit so many restaurants, inspiring to meet chefs and owners and to taste innovative top notch dishes, and to enjoy the company of Gastrology and St Kilda Tourism and Tyrrell Publicity and Promotions staff. This July marked the first occasion this event has been run. How good is St Kilda! The World Loves Melbourne has had countless meals here over the years and celebrates the delights of St Kilda! We understand diners in St Kilda have already cast many thousands of votes; it's a serious competition! There's an award determined by the judges as well as a people's award. It's simple:

Vote for your favourite winter dish and go into the draw to win a dining experience in St Kilda.Each restaurant will be plating up a special dish to get you warmed up over the winter month and are giving you a chance to win the ultimate dining experience at their restaurant. Your vote will help us decide who will win the St Kilda Foodie’s Choice 2016 award.

Photos by Stano Murin and The World Loves Melbourne.

Milk the Cow

Sweetened Baked Brie - soaked in Fernand Freres Cidre Brut with truffle honey, fig, almond, walnut and cardamom pistachio sugar.

StKildaWinterFestival 4

StKildaWinterFestival 5

StKildaWinterFestival3 44

StKildaWinterFestival 7

StKildaWinterFestival3 4


Slow roast lamb shoulder with organic sweet potato mash, confit shallots, spring onion, crispy candy striped Beetroot, and pea and mint jus.

StKildaWinterFestival3 16

StKildaWinterFestival 14

StKildaWinterFestival 12

StKildaWinterFestival 16

StKildaWinterFestival 19

StKildaWinterFestival 20

St Hotel

1kg 200 day grain fed rib eye, carved for 2 or more to share, John Dee, Warwick, QLD.

StKildaWinterFestival 26

StKildaWinterFestival 27

StKildaWinterFestival 30

StKildaWinterFestival3 52

StKildaWinterFestival3 53

Claypots Seafood Express

Steamed Blue Swimmer Crabs and Mussels w/ Indian Spiced Tamarind - Wine - Gilgamesh Pinot Noir (2010, Geelong).

StKildaWinterFestival 37

StKildaWinterFestival 38

StKildaWinterFestival 39

StKildaWinterFestival3 26

POW Kitchen 

Red curry of slow cooked beef cheek w. snake beans + wild ginger.


StKildaWinterFestival 43

StKildaWinterFestival3 5

StKildaWinterFestival3 54

POWKitchen 20

Acland Street Cantina

Red mole of slow braised lamb shoulder, green rice and soft masa tortillas.

StKildaWinterFestival 46

StKildaWinterFestival3 20


AclandStCantina 7

United Kitchen

Seafood Azteca Soup with Prawn, Atlantic Salmon, Squid, Avocado, Roasted Tomato, Crispy Tortilla, Coriander, fresh corn and Lime. 

StKildaWinterFestival 56

StKildaWinterFestival 59 

StKildaWinterFestival3 71

StKildaWinterFestival3 62

Luxembourg Bistro

1/2 Roast corn-feed chicken, brussels sprouts & Chestnut.

StKildaWinterFestival 65

StKildaWinterFestival3 2

StKildaWinterFestival 63


Claypots Seafood Bar 

Whole Baked Red Emperor with Lemongrass, Steamed Bok Choy & Sticky Rice.  

StKildaWinterFestival2 1 

StKildaWinterFestival2 8

StKildaWinterFestival3 13

Big Mouth

Whole Baby Snapper, served with mussels, prawns and calamariin a seafood sauce. 

StKildaWinterFestival2 9

StKildaWinterFestival3 11

StKildaWinterFestival2 14

StKildaWinterFestival2 12

Abbey Road Cafe

Traditional Cottage Pie, beef mince and Australian garden peas topped with a cheesy mash, served with a garden salad.  

StKildaWinterFestival2 20

StKildaWinterFestival3 19

StKildaWinterFestival2 21


Slow Cooked ricotta gnocchi san marzano tomato, basil, pangrattato, garlic, mozarella, fresh herbs. 

StKildaWinterFestival2 28

StKildaWinterFestival3 6

Bay City Burrito

Mexican Tortilla soup with avocado, sour cream, cilantro, sweet corn, jack cheese and tortilla chips on the side. 

StKildaWinterFestival2 33 

StKildaWinterFestival3 10

StKildaWinterFestival2 39

StKildaWinterFestival2 34

StKildaWinterFestival2 36


Flinders Island salt grass lamb ribs, cumin salt, minted yoghurt with Patatas Bravas, smoked tomato & aoli. 

StKildaWinterFestival2 43 

StKildaWinterFestival3 1 


Handmade Gnocchi with Confit Duck Leg, Roasted Chestnuts, Cavolo Nero and Organic Australian Raclette.

StKildaWinterFestival2 44

StKildaWinterFestival3 15

StKildaWinterFestival3 114

StKildaWinterFestival3 116

Captain Baxter

Fried Salmon tail yellow curry with chilli oil, tapioca crisp and roasted peanuts (gf).

StKildaWinterFestival2 59

StKildaWinterFestival2 66

StKildaWinterFestival3 12

StKildaWinterFestival2 58

What a weekend! This was truly epic and we need to get back to the gym! There are entries from Metropol St Kilda and St Kilda Branch, but we didn't manage to visit these restaurants on our tour. We were amazed by the amount of people on the streets on a weekend in the middle of winter; it seemed like a summers' day large crowd. All the best to all the restaurants in terms of the competition! St Kilda is such an amazing foodie precinct in Melbourne and is world class! Get on it. Thanks again to St Kilda Tourism and Tyrrell Publicity and Promotions.