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Saint Barry Lunch with Leading Bloggers in Surrey Hills

Saint Barry is making waves in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne as the perfect place to meet with friends over a bottle of wine and quality shared dishes. With one of Melbourne's top chefs Spyros Vrakas in the kitchen, Saint Barry hits the high notes for casual dining and ambience. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed a fabulous lunch as a guest of Saint Barry with leading Melbourne foodies Gastronomel and Lisa Eats World with new dishes on offer. 

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Saint Barry has much to offer. Peter Sprekos is an affable host, keen to impress locals with this eatery being a foodie haven. The name Saint Barry is derived from Saint Barry of Cork the patron saint of immigrants; something that Peter can identify with as an immigrant family. The Surrey Hills eatery has an impressive array of dishes that are built on use of local produce, as well as an excellent range of beers and wines, and a strong coffee game with MAVAM espresso machine.

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Saint Barry also boasts a sensational courtyard; bring on spring and summer as this space is sure to be a huge hit in the eastern suburbs. Split level, awnings and umbrellas, attractive plants, fairy lights and modern decor. Plus, of course, tunes played through the speakers. They cater for functions and have hosted some epic events. Also check out the dining tables on Whitehorse Road; also a great vibe.

Local business group? School group? Live locally? This is the perfect destination for your catch up meal. We live in the eastern suburbs and would driver across town for this place.

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Attractive spaces and design.

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This was the perfect way to go about our meal! A bottle of King Valley Prosecco was the wine of choice, with a series of dishes to share. The atmosphere here is stunning with design by leading Adele Bates Design.

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Did someone say Prosecco?

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The Calamari with smoked paprika aoli is a wonderful dish; with the smoked paprika super tasty and tangy and the calamari perfectly cooked.

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Haloumi chips are a popular dish, also served with aoli and sriracha salt for extra tang.

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Peter and Spyros were giving us more and more shared dishes to enjoy. The new Cauliflower dish is compelling as a healthy accompaniment to the seafood or meat.

SaintBarry 19

Kataifi prawns are a specialty and a must order; the crispy flaky pastry crunch contrasts with the juicy prawns.

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Great value is the larger Grilled salmon with herb couscous. The couscous is a touch of class and the salmon perfectly cooked; clean simple and well presented food to go with wine.

Fish and chips is also a delicious dish with sweet paprika batter.

SaintBarryMay 41

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Also compelling is the Lamb riblets. We'd never seen lamb with edible flowers before; sexy presentation. This is melt in your mouth lamb! When you combine all these shared dishes together it's quite a feast!

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Saint Barry are evolving and adding new mains. This is an all day dining destination from 11am to 9pm Wednesday to Sunday. You can just drop in anytime for a meal or take home your food. 

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SaintBarryJune 5

The MAVAM espresso machine is a winner.

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A range of craft beers and ciders, as well as wines (including on tap) is perfect for your afternoon soiree. I managed a craft beer along with the Prosecco.

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Burgers and sliders are excellent ar Saint Barry, including the Trio of sliders of pulled pork, beef and salmon. Sexy dining.

A highlight is the Beef Burger with prosciutto chips (yes that's right!), merino gold cream (amazing 2 year old aged cheese), tomato and chips. We think this is one of the best burgers in Melbourne, a decadent delight. The patty is quality and the cheese is special, not your average burger cheese. The prosciutto chips provide clever crunch and loads of flavour. It;s a rich burger offset by the tomato and lettuce. The bun is delightful and the burger has great balance.

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 Saint Barry is a fabulous addition to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Get on it!