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400 Gradi Launches in Eastland Ringwood

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the celebratory launch of 400 Gradi in Eastland Ringwood and we consider 400 Gradi to be one of the best pizza restaurants in Melbourne. this is Johnny Di Francesco's fourth restaurant; proving that diners are loving his Italian offerings. This was a stunning evening with media and supporters of Johnny; with Johnny thanking all the people that have helped him make Gradi East happen.

We checked out the menu are we delighted to see Gradi East open for breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. The ambience is modern if not sexy, and there's an upstairs section as well.

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Tables laden with first class olives, cheeses, meats, eggplant, and other treats, were compelling. But we knew there was pizza to come...

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When you think of 400 Gradi you think of world's best pizza ( as he won this acclaimed award); but 400 Gradi is not just about pizza. There's more to the story. The selection of quality foods on the night was a testament to this fact. We know thwy source some of the best produce around from Italy.

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Yeah baby...

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Having said that, this is Neapolitan pizza at its best. The wood-fire ovens are impressive and as the name suggests, pizzas are heated at 400 degrees for 90 seconds. This gives the pizza a crispy bliss.

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It was great to chat with Johnny on the night; his passion exudes in everything he does, and his energy knows know bounds. We've been to his masterclasses and enjoyed his cuisine at his restaurants and at festivals and events over the years.

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We are also excited that head chef Silvana Iacobaccio (previously of Caf e Cucina, Sagra and +39) will be in the kitchen, partnering with Johnny to make this a sensational Italian experience for eastsiders.

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Cutting the ribbon...

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Johnny thanked alot of people and the brand is going strong. Gradi East excites. Get on it.