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Magnifico Signature Italian Feast Menu at The Grand Richmond

The World Loves Melbourne was excited to be invited to the exclusive launch of Grand Richmond's new Magnifico Signature Italian Feastmenu. This is what Grand Richmond do so well at their exceptional events; perfecto shared dining. So why not launch this concept from their events for the everyday diner? Barnie and Tiur the legendary owners of Grand Richmond are great examples of events in Melbourne, and were weaving their magic at this Italian Feast launchevent. Surely Grand Richmond is one of the best Italian restaurants in Melbourne.

We were invited to a lunch with The Grand VIP's to sample the new menu. The chefs at Grand Richmond are given scope; it's never the same thing. A secret to The Grand success is that they are not all about the profit margin but about hospitality and keeping customers happy. They put the "h" in hospitality. Their events are generous and at a decent price; and therefore well attended. Most of Grand Richmond events are booked out well before the event. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to enjoy food with friends; and Grand Richmond is the perfect location.

GrandRichmondFeast 2

Hospitality specialist Rach gives the philosophy and background to The Grand feasting style menu. Staff here have been working at Grand Richmond for years; I know I'm painting a happy story but it's true. Some staff leave but many of them return. It is a joyful family here.

The Grand signature Magnifico shared feast is designed as the Ultimate Grand dining experience. Seven incredible dishes are showcased over three courses, all served "la famiglia" style down the center of the table. These is perfectly accompanied by hand picked wines from Grand Richmond Gold and Platinum wine lists (can you believe they have their own blind tastings!) along with a few from the private cellar. The wine was stunning - and from experience these guys never skimp on anything let alone wine. It's always premium.

 GrandRichmondFeast 4

GrandRichmondFeast 8

ANTIPASTI - to share
Premium antipasto of buffalo mozzarella, bresaola, culatello prosciutto, salami, pickled vegetables and hand rolled grissini was a superb dish. What we're looking for is a range of quality ingredients and the Antipasti was spot on.
GrandRichmondFeast 11
GrandRichmondFeast 15

Char-grilled calamari with anchovy, parsley and caper dressing was another stunning dish - not the usual calamari in the way it was cooked and seasoned. Slight char was welcomed and the dressing was spot on.
GrandRichmondFeast 13
VIP diners loving it at Grand Richmond; no better way to spend a Sunday lunch.
GrandRichmondFeast 17

The Grand signature house made potato gnocchi with brown butter and sage is a famous dish at Grand Richmond. People dream about this dish; soft pillows gnocchi and a striking and indulgent sauce. Rich and decadent but so rewarding.
SECONDI - to share
Pan fried blue eye fillets with chick peas, Manzanilla olives and marinated capsicum were also first class; presentation was a highlight and the fish perfectly cooked with slight browning. We realised that Grand Richmond is more than generous with its shared dishes.
GrandRichmondFeast 20
GrandRichmondFeast 21
GrandRichmondFeast 28
Roast saltbush lamb with pea puree, braised artichokes and pancetta was the star of the degustation for us. This saltbush lamb was memorable; such a depth of flavour and perfectly cooked. Some of the best lamb we've had. And the combination with braised artichokes was perfection.
GrandRichmondFeast 24
Iceberg salad was simple but also the dressing brought the usual little touches.
GrandRichmondFeast 26
Bravo the Saltbush Lamb! 
GrandRichmondFeast 29
Roasted potatoes and iceberg salads with truffle pecorino were the peerfect accompaniment.
DOLCI - served individually
GrandRichmondFeast 36

Crema pasticciera filled Italian doughnuts with saffron syrup and honeycomb along with 
Caramelised white chocolate semifreddo with almond crumb and blackberries meant the dessert game was strong. Fun and indulgent.
GrandRichmondFeast 39
Grand Richmond have been awarded a hat for 11 years - one of the icons of Melbourne keeps evolving! Get on it!