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Revolutionary Army Burger and New Brunch Dishes Impress at One Plus Piece

A new burger the Revolutionary Army stole the show at a recent blogger event at One Plus Piece Cafe in Balwyn. Leading Melbourne bloggers experienced the killer outdoor courtyard at One Plus Piece Cafe in Blawyn over brunch on a perfect Spring day (apart from gusty winds). One Plus Piece is known for it's all day brunch and all day burger menu; with a wide range of standout dishes. The new Revolutionary Army Burger came as a deconstructed burger for you to build your own. Playful and unique, every element hit the mark for The World Loves Melbourne.

Leading Melbourne Bloggers enjoyed brunch and burgers in the fabulous One Plus Piece courtyard. It's always great to showcase the food to the bloggers but also get their feedback.

For locals, this is your happy place in Balwyn in Spring and Summer with a covered outside deck and tropical plants. This area was packed on a Saturday morning - and during the week locals love to come here to dine, check their phones and read the paper.

One Plus Piece have teamed up with Uber Eats - so you can have their awesome brunch, lunch and burgers delivered to your door from 8am to 5pm trading hours! One of the besrt things to do in Melbourne is to uncover a local hero cafe and celibrate it; and One Plus Piece Cafe fits the bill.

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The new Revolutionary Army Burger features  2 blue cheese beef patties (120g each), house made hash brown, karaage chicken, sriracha maple bacon jam (so good), onion rings, pickles, lettuce, mayo, chipotle BBQ. Freakin amazing! For The World Loves Melbourne this is a must try dish in Melbourne right now - and one of our most rewarding burger experiences of the year.

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Build your own! Such a great concept. The deconstructed burger provides all the elements for you to build your own burger. As Wayne did from @waynes_burgers, stacking up the elements into two large burger/sliders. Each patty is 120g so the burger comes with 240g of patty.

The blue cheese is combined inside the patty with extra burger cheese melted on top. The blue cheese is subtle not overwhelming. The lettuce and pickles cuts through the meat perfectly. The house made hash brown is another highlight as a large mash creamy style hash brown - perfect texture for the burger. 

So many impressive elements. And when you combine them there is excellent balance. the karaage chicken was crispy perfect. The sriracha maple bacon jam was a revelation - sweet, salty and some spice kick! Brilliant.

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Leading Melbourne bloggers chillin on a fine Melbourne day.

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Also to mention is the quality of the house made buns is spot on at One Plus Piece. Generously One Plus Piece provides four buns! The sauces also stack up with Chipotle BBQ sauce a tasty winner, and the mayo also excellent.

OnePlusPieceC 64

Wayne's creation from the deconstructed elements of the Revolutionary Army Burger.

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One Plus Piece is a vibrant cafe in Balwyn that delivers when it comes to brunch, burgers, lunch, coffee and a playful anime vibe. Japanese anime is massive throughout the world and it's cool to see people engage with this themed cafe. Asian influences can be seen in the menu. Cain the chef is highly talented and has delivered a series of signature dishes  that people come back for, such as a range of top notch burgers, the Sanji Eggs Benedict, Potato Rosti and salmon dish, Mr Franki with roti brunch dish and more.

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Cheers for the Purple smoothie! With Matcha espresso.

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Also popular is the GEAR 4 burger, pictured here with chicken added. GEAR 4 comes with Angus beef, egg, hash brown, American cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato relish, Jalapenos & Sriracha mayo. Served here with onion rings and wedges. The burgers at One Plus Piece are generous.

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Some of the leading Melbourne bloggers chillin in the One Plus Piece courtyard deck area in Balwyn.

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Some of the leading Melbourne bloggers at the One Plus Piece event. 

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One Plus Piece is also known for its excellent coffee and matcha espressos.

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Shake heaven at One Plus Piece with this Stawberry monster shake with caramel pudding, chocolate cake, fairy floss and freeze dried strawberries. Fun and delicious!

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This shake is a work of art.

OnePlusPieceC 25 

From above you can spot the chocolate cake - why this shake is almost a meal in itself!

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OnePlusPieceC 21

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Pretty food.

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Sweet corn and zucchini fritters with hummus, avocado, dukkah, poached eggs, and chive cream. Fresh, zesty and even rustic!

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Smoked salmon with rosti, 2 poached eggs, Cajun hollansaise is a great brunch option. rather than fish and chips how about Smoked salmon and potato rosti - they go so well together! The Cajun hollandaise provides a variation to the normal hollandaise you often see, and gives the dish some "kick".

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Another look at the amazing Deconstructed Revolutionary Army Burger! Don't forget the One Plus Piece Burger Happy Hour from Monday to Friday 3pm to 4pm where a range of burgers are only $9! Get on it.