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Smith & Daughters Launch A Cookbook (that happens to be vegan)

Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez of Smith & Daughters in Fitzroy, have just released their much anticipated cookbook (that happens to be vegan). Vegan Eat is a celebration of imagination, creativity and unique flavours, carefully crafted by two women whose passion for sharing beautiful food is entirely evident. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to come along for Mo and Shannon’s special cookbook launch party. 

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Colourful and eclectic seemed to be the theme of the evening, with a warmth and support from friends and family added in for good measure. The bar quickly drew eager guests who lined up for Jalapeño Cucumber & Coriander Margaritas and Pink Lemonade. The Margarita’s fresh and zesty flavour cleverly combined with the jalapeño heat, while the Pink Lemonade brought together elderflower, raspberries and thyme for a sweet and floral taste. 

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Trays of Latin-inspired food circulated the room allowing us to sample some cookbook specials. There were canapés of Oyster Mushroom & White Bean Ceviche, and a board piled high with Pan Con Tomate (traditional Catalan-style tomato garlic bread). Paella fritters were warm and crunchy on the outside, with a rich centre of rice, sofrito, green peas and saffron. Jalapeño & Corn Fritters with Lime and Coriander Crema stole the show - according to us; crispy, creamy, slightly sweet and deliciously spicy. The fragrance of the coriander and lime crema created the perfect balance of flavours. 

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Smith & Daughters’ summer menu includes some special dishes from Vegan Eat. You can spend your summer days feasting on Breakfast Burritos with scrambled tofu, crispy chorizo, black beans, spinach, cheese and fresh guacamole (p.33), and those warm evenings enjoying Escabeche Ensalada De Melon, a tropical mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon with pickled pineapple, jalapeño and fresh mint (p.124). Finish off by feeding that sweet tooth with some Warm Spanish Donuts filled with quince and dusted in spiced sugar (p.168). 

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Vegan Eat may redefine the way that people think of vegan food. It isn’t just a cookbook for vegans, it’s a cookbook for food lovers who appreciate fresh, textural and delicious food. It’s an invitation to think outside the box, to try something new and perhaps be pleasantly surprised. 

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For more details about where and how to purchase their cookbook, head to Smith & Daughters’ social media pages. Or just pop in to their restaurant and say hello!

- Rachel Mason