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Fancy Hanks Takes BBQ Centre Stage on Bourke St

Fancy Hanks is a name of the lips of many when it comes to American BBQ in Melbourne. Come here for juicy pulled pork shoulder, beef brisket, cornbread, ribs and tangy mac and cheese. Meat is slow cooked, smoked and barbequed in the American tradition. The ribs are of note here with caramelised juicy meat you won't be able to resist.

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Fancy Hanks has hit the mark with a new top location in the heart of the city. We don't often see a BBQ joint "centre stage" like this. Walk into a world of BBQ that is more refined than bogan, and with a decent number of sharp looking engaging staff and a menu that satisfies broad tastes. Kudos to Michael Patrick, together with partners Kent Bell, Daragh Kan and Myles Munro. 

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Packed at lunch times even after only a week of operation in Bourke St. And rightly do, as it delivers! Even with a packed house there's a sense of space; park at the communal table or imbibe at more intimate tables, although staff will guide you to your table.

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Fancy Hanks shines with it's Fried Cauliflower, Ranch Dressing, Hot Sauce. Vegan friendly - Fancy Hanks shows it's not just about meat! Buttermilk Biscuits also hit the mark - that maple butter! 

Devilled Eggs may change your life - a luxe and cheap item.

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Yeah baby! The famous Beef Brisket has a Black pepper rub that brings a spice nuance. Grain fed, marble score 2+ from Northern Queensland it's melt in your mouth and not too fatty.

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The best Mac n Cheese we've had in Melbourne! Baked Mac 'N Cheese with black olives. We enjoyed the superb baked crust and the three kinds of cheese, with creamy pasta inside. Some Mac 'N Cheese in Melbourne is far too basic and "plain vanilla" but Fancy Hanks bring some savvy to the process and it's a taste and texture sensation.

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Fancy Hanks is an attractive restaurant with excellent table service; boasting large windows onto Bourke St, a range of large and small tables, quirky artwork and items mounted on the walls, and it buzzes at lunchtime.

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Hang on - we forgot the salad. Once agin, it's not just a meatfest. The zingy salad was on point, with crispy lettuce and blue cheese sauce.

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Cornbread was also on point. To be honest I find cornbread filling. What I love that it goes perfectly as a side along with the BBQ meat.

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Choc Top a feel good dessert - and it's the biggest choc top ever! Waffle cone completes the bliss.

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We ended on another talking point - the Sweet potato casserole dessert. Akin to a sweet pumpkin dessert it's rich and delicious.

The plethora of sauces are also compelling with the Death sauce an evil accompaniment to your meat. Next time we might go for the ribs - the system is that you pay by weight per 100 grams. They boast a huge smoker called Puffing Billie. Get on it!