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Lord of the Fries: Appetites and Ethics

Lord of the Fries is in the business of caring for our appetites and the planet. Their ethical approach was the focus of a recent gathering at Lord of the Fries on Chapel Street, Windsor. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to come along, taste some meat-free menu items, indulge in famous fries and hear from those on the inside of thriving ethical businesses.  

The evening opens as sweet potato, shoestring and classic fries are served to our table, with an interesting mix of dipping sauces; spiced, creamy and vinegary. Guests munch and mingle before official proceedings commence. 

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Amanda Walker, Co-Founder of Lord of the Fries, shares the humble beginnings of the franchise; a food truck run by herself and her partner. This thriving business now grown to multiple stores, with some exciting additions still in the works. 

Burgers are brought out in soft, sauce-filled buns as Geneva Pritchard, Founder and Director of KombuchAID, reveals how home brewing kombucha for friends turned into a business of her own. It’s evident that starting small and thoughtfully considering ethical practices are what keep both of these business owners grounded. 

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After hearing from Alicia Darvall, Director of B Corp Australia & New Zealand, Chick’n Nuggets and crispy, golden onion rings are served. Guests chew on the information imparted during the gathering and conversations continue as plates empty. Vegan hazelnut chocolate is brought around as a fun treat to end the evening. 

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A trip to Lord of the Fries is a popular treat for many in Melbourne. Whether vegetarian or not, people keep coming back for more of their burgers, hot dogs and fries. The Lords not only care about creating delicious food, but also about sustainable, chemical and preservative free products. Much of their produce is sourced from locals, and thoughtful decision making is a value that they openly uphold.

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If you’re interested in finding out more information about ethical businesses in Australia, visit B Corp Australia and New Zealand ( Businesses that are caring for people, animals and our planet are well worth investing in.  

  • Rachel Mason