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Mocha Jo's Burgers Hit the Spot in Glen Waverley

Mocha Jo's has always been an iconic cafe in Kingsway Glen Waverley. But in recent times they've opened up their burger bar offering down the side of the cafe. This is a cool little spot, pleasant to grab a meal and sit around enjoying the atmosphere of Kingsway. We were invited to check out the burger offerings at Mocha Jo's.

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It's a modern but humble set up as you eat the burgers outdoors and order your burger at the window. This suits perfectly on a balmy Melbourne evening, and the burgers came out relatively quickly. We enjoyed the passion of the blokes cooking the burgers at the window, they were proud of what Moch Jo offers and had a passion for all things burgers. Relax at the outdoor tables and watch the world go by as you enjoy your burgers.

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Mocha Jo's burger bar uses grass fed Wagyu beef in it's burgers.

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The larger burgers hit the spot with The Detroit Double Deluxe a huge feed featuring double wagyu, double US cheese, lettuce, loads of bacon, pickles, tomato and dijon mustard mayo. The bun stodd up to the massive burger without breaking apart. This was one big juicy burger with the tang of excellent mustard. We needed a serviette or 10, and we like it juicy.

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The smaller burgers of MJ's with wagyu patty and the Cheeseburger were also solid burgers.

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Loaded fries were exceptional, and we chose the Loaded American with US cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. These are a meal in themselves and the toppings are generous.

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Dessert was a winner with S'mores Donut Waffle sandwich loaded with marshmallows and Nutella.

Shakes were also on point, as was the iced tea and beer offerings. The Kingsway is a popular destination these days and we can no longer say there's no decent joints in the eastern suburbs. Mocha Jo's burger bar is well worth a visit for your burger fix!