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New Greensborough Plaza Tables on the Green

Have you visited Tables On The Green at Greensborough Plaza yet? The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the  new casual dining precinct on Level 3 which has some delicious new restaurants as well as a state of the art Hoyts upgrade with recliners in every cinema.

Locals are excited about the new casual dining precinct in Greensborough Plaza. We remember the icon of Greensborough Plaza over the decades in Melbourne - the place to go and connect with friends, dine and shop. Now with a revamp, Greensborough Plaza has created fresh excitement! There's a buzz around this new development.

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The event at Greensborough Plaza was hosted by foodie legend Dani Venn (from Masterchef amongst other things) - who always hosts great events. With lifestyle media present, this was a VIP event not to be missed! the rtable arrangement was extraordinary and the level of hospitality superb. 

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We enjoyed meals from 6 new restaurants as part of the development:


Flame 400 (first store in Victoria)

Fukutontei Ramen

Groove Train

Dumpling Chef

Ben & Jerry's

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I love dumplings at any time; and the mini Ramen bowls were delightful.

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Of course we are no strngers to several of these eateries, and it is great to have them together at Tables on the Green.

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The food kept on coming, as did cocktails...

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Desserts were spectacular.

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A Hoyts cinema with recliners is a huge attraction; a massive upgrade that ticks all the boxes. An obvious plan would be to dine in one of the new restaurants at Tables on the Green then recline while watching a movie at the Hoyts Cinema. 

Thanks to Dani Venn, PR Agency Papermill Media and Greensborough Plaza.