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Son in Law Thai Unveils New Dishes

Son in Law, a modern Thai restaurant in Collingwood has unveiled some impressive new dishes to add to its already excellent menu and remains one of the best cheap eats in Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to Son in Law to check out the new additions, following a previous enjoyable visit.

Easily accessible in Collingwood (we got a park across the road), Son in Law is known for generous tasty authentic Thai cuisine and a modern vibe. Affordability is a key these days, and Son in Law comes to the party. Affable owner Tony is customer driven and it's no surprise the restaurant is well patronised night after night.

The beverages are a highlight with inventive Thai cold drinks such as this milk tea.

SonInLawDec 5

Pad see ew is a traditional dish featuring stir-fried flat rice noodles with soy sauce, chicken, egg and Gain Lan. We enjoyed the char taste of the flat noodles. This dish is common in Thailand and for those craving an excellent authentic dish, we can highly recommend.

SonInLawDec 31

The Son in Law Eggs are always a must order on the menu.

SonInLawDec 9

The Chicken Ribs are also always a hit; cooked perfectly and with an addictive skin coating(sauce is also compelling).

SonInLawDec 11

Soft Shell crab and Tiger Prawns is a perennial winner and we could't help but indulge once more...

SonInLawDec 22

SonInLawDec 21

Thai Milk tea sizzling roti was the highlight of the night; a fun dessert with roti cooked with a sweet hit I've never experienced before. The dessert features marshamallows, roti, crushed cashews and vanilla ice cream. A sense of theatre ensued when the sauce was poured over the steaming plate. Very cool.

SonInLawDec 40

SonInLawDec 42

In terms of best cheap eat restaurants in Melbourne, Son in Law Thai is one of the best. Get on it!