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Rocking Good Times at Rock Sugar

RockSugar has had some menu updates and The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to sample the menu.

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From our previous experiences Rock Sugar has been a fav with it's playful interpretation of Thai food and lively menu. The atmosphere is modern and appealing with neon to boot. Service levels are above par, even excellent, and this was again our experience. Rock up and relax, with our table against the large front window. Watch the action at the bar in front of you.

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We always love a menu where it's hard to decide what to order because you want everything. So start with a Thai beer! Or a sexy cocktail in a cup!

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I would say the starters are worthwhile but definitely order a few mains. Fortunately you can taste across the menu as the dishes can be shared, so we covered quite a bit of ground.

RockSugar 16

Give me all your Chicken and Prawn Dumplings!

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And all your Steamed buns! Some of the best steamed buns we've had - Crispy Pork Belly Bun and the Soft Shell Crab.

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A must-oder is the Fried Chicken Ribs, red nam jim, lemongrass, chilli caramel - maybe two plates. The chicken ribs are cooked beautifully, juicy, well coated and we enjoyed the chilli caramel sauce.

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Deserves a second picture...

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Yes we love duck and a memorable dish was the refreshing Duck leg, grilled pineapple, coriander, chilli and green papaya. All combined with fine glass noodles.

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Curry beckons and there's four excellent curries to choose from. Green curry, chicken, eggplant, asparagus, young bamboo is a compelling curry.

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A popular dish is the Whole Baby Snapper, yellow bean, lime. Check out the stunning presentation! I plunged my knife into the fish in reckless fashion to get to the slightly sweet white flesh!

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Rock Sugar recently added Phi Phi's Paradise: an outdoor courtyard perfect for rain or shine!

RockSugar2 2

Our overall impression was that Rock Sugar continues to rock. The Thai chef has an authentic touch, service is engaging and the dishes bright and flavoursome and in line with dining trends in Melbourne. The wine menu shines, and extra effort is made when it comes to bright cocktails. People are looking for the experience as well as the food and Rock Sugar delivers on both. Plus we managed to get a park directly across the road which helps.

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