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Stonebarn Truffles The Best We've Had and A Restaurant Hit

Stonebarn - remember the name. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to be part of a media event with Stonebarn Truffles, showcasing the excellence of the produce, at Sarti restaurant. Exceptional French Black Perigord truffles from Manjimup Western Australia.

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With Hilary McNevin hosting the event from Pep Events, you know it's always going to be top notch. And with Premium Foods on hand to partner with Stonebarn Truffles this was a compelling pairing of fine foods.

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Sure enough I was introduced to the best truffles I've ever experienced. These truffles are used in some of the best restaurants in Australia and the world. Big aroma, firm, keeps form on fine shavings, deep black colour, and full of flavour. I felt like I was imbibing a premium product designed for my palate. Like a top notch caviar, whisky, or cheese, the palate sings where there is exceptional finery - and Stonebarn brings this joy.

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I learned that the truffle industry is on the rise and that truffles are not just for the wealthy. Truffles are becoming more accessible. And Australia is leading the charge in terms of top quality truffles across the globe. Is it our weather? Soil? You never totally know with truffles. You can try to replicate conditions of one location to another but you won't always get the same results.

Stonebarn planted trees on their property in Manjimup WA, hopeful of truffles but the results have been stunning - some of the best formed and tasting truffles in the world. The choice of top chefs. Stonebarn produce more truffles at their property in WA than the whole of the truffle industry in Victoria. And the harvests are getting larger each year.

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I was able to taste the truffles on fresh bread with butter - I admit I indulged. I also ate the shaved truffle off the plate - rewarding in itself.

And I admit to consuming 3 bowls of Tagliolini, zabaglione, toasted hazelnuts and Stonebarn truffles. Delicious, well balanced and a touch of class. Sometimes, for me, truffle dishes can be overly rich and unbalanced, but this was perfect.

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To be honest we love truffles on Italian dishes such as pasta, but also truffles are not just reserved for Italian dishes. It will be interesting to see more chefs using premium truffles showcasing different cuisines.

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All of this was washed down with a glass or two of fabulous Prosecco from the one and only Prosecco Queen Mel Brauer. Mel caters for functions and events with some of the world's best Prosecco and she also has a Prosecco van. A memorable event.