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Best Raclette Cheese Places in Melbourne

How good is Raclette! The first time we encountered the magical world of Raclette we fell in love. We gathered around the Raclette "machine" where a wheel of premium cheese was blistering and bubbling under the heat in awe. Then with a scrape of a knife the theatre and aroma of raclette drew us in with wonder. Not to mention the taste of the oozy cheese - often paired with pickles, mushrooms or cornichons. Scraping the cheese into a small bowl, you are set for a session of bliss, especially if you pair it with say a dry white wine or a pinot noir. The joy of France and Switzerland is to be enjoyed here in Melbourne. 

Here are our favourites in Melbourne.

Maker & Monger

Maker & Monger with internationally acclaimed Anthony Femia is a noted cheese destination inside the Prahran Market famous for its Raclette offering.  Roll up to the stylish restored French food cart and be blown away by all the cheese offerings, including exotic indulgent toasties. In fact how can you visit Prahram Market without visiting Maker & Monger. (We're thinking this is the most Instagrammable stall in the market). Image: Maker & Monger Instagram.

Raclette 3

Having said that, the Raclette is the star of the show. We've been there when it's been sold out. Raclette is served over potatoes with a side of pickles. Sit down and indulge at the surrounding tables. So rewarding.

Merricks Creek Winery - Merricks Creek

Is this the most joyous winery experience in Victoria? Family owned Merricks Creek Winery (only an hour from Melbourne) on the fabulous Mornington Peninsula has become famous for its Grilled Raclette Cheese on hot potatoes with a side of cornichons and cocktail onions. People have travelled to Merricks Creek Winery not only for the standout Pinot Noir but also for the Raclette. Their menu as a whole is compelling including delights such as Carpaccio of Eye Fillet, Free Range Pork and Fennel Meatballs, Osso Buco, and Pork and Pistachio Terrine to name a few. Plates are designed to be shared and come at an incredibly reasonable cost.

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The Raclette is compelling. It was surprising to us to inhale the rich aroma of the molten cheese. Merricks Creek gets it perfectly right with blistering and bubbling cheese scraped over hot potatoes, cornichons and pickled onions for a generous serving for the price. There's the slightly browned bits said to be the best part!

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By the fire or on the deck?

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And how perfect is it all with a new release 2016 Pinot Noir, or indeed a glass of Estate Chardonnay! Relax inside by the fire or on a warm day enjoy the deck - Merricks Creek Winery has some of the best view on the Mornington Peninsula.


Smithward is a taste of Europe in Melbourne, like a Paris or Spanish wine bar. We consider the Smith St and Brunswick St part of town to be a top notch bar precinct in Melbourne. Some would consider raclette as bar fare the perfect accompaniment to a beer or wine, or even a spirit. But we think raclette is more than just bar food; it's a meal in itself and we find it surprisingly filling. 

Raclette 1

Think cheese and charcuterie at Smithward. And raclette! The cheese list is from Harper and Blohm including the raclette.Smithward are well known for their Rac'n'Mac nights on Thursdays (at time of writing) - pairing delicious raclette with macaroni for the ultimate mac'n'cheese! In fact it's mac'n'cheese straight out of the oven topped with oozy raclette!

Raclette 2

You can get your raclette fix at Smithward is Smith St Collingwood for the win. Images: Smithward Instagram.

Two Beans and a Farm - Mernda

Two Beans and A Farm is located in the Carome Homestead (1861) in Merna, on the banks of the Plenty River, around an hour from Melbourne. Two Beans and a Farm offers Flamed Raclette cheese scraped over crispy potatoes with smoked paprika salt & cornichons for a delicious lunch dish. Interestingly they also offer raclette to be scraped over "what ever your heart desires!" This could mean raclette over confit duck, sausages and white beans! And they really do serve the raclette was flaming!

Raclette 5

Here we have highly desirable raclette with perfect amount of blistering. Comfort food at its best! Image: Two Beans and a Farm Instagram.