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Maker and Monger's New Store In Prahran Market

Maker and Monger have launched a world class cheese shop in the heart of Prahran Market, exciting cheese lovers across Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the Maker and Monger launch event, where each guest was allocated 1kg of cheese and no one wanted to leave.

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Anthony Femia bringing a joyous world class cheese offering to Prahran Market and living his cheese dreams.

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Mushroom and cheese soup on arrival.

For those in the know Anthony Femia is the cheese aficiado and cheese rock star of Melbourne. Everyone at the event was walking around saying they were in "cheese heaven" and Anthony refers to the "chapel of cheese". It's a great story from humble food cart (which we loved) in 2015 to the world class offering we see today, a modern fashionable shop displaying colours of cheese crazy Zurich.

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Baked camembert hit the high notes.

Salivate as you eye off the elongated cheese cabinet including Montgomery’s clothbound cheddar from Neal’s Yard Dairy in the UK. Described as a bastion of farmhouse cheddar. The texture, the flavour, the aroma! A bespsoke selection of 35-50 cheeses changing seasonally celebrating the best from Australia and abroad. And they can't wait to mature cheeses in their custom maturation room.

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Cheese heaven at Maker and Monger.

Indulge in carefully selected cheeses from around the world, both hard and soft.  It's a test of will power. Whether it's the texture and taste of Australian blue vein or the smells of the signature Swiss raclette, the cheese selection at Maker and Monger is sure to lure you. You may not be able to resist. Every year Anthony Femia visits cheesemakers across the world (a great job right?) to carefully select the best cheeses.

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At the launch we also indulged in Baked Camembert, French Comté, Blue vein, creamy Gorgonzola, and Parmigiano Reggiano to name a few. 

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Calabrese inspired toastie is my new addiction.
For many it's the grilled-cheese toasties including the All American (two American cheeses, onion and parsley) that strike a chord, and the advent of a spicy cheese Calabrese toastie with smoked scamorza, ‘nduja and oregano is a revelation. 
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OK so we may have stacked up a couple of toasties.
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Oozy quality cheese and crisp bread you will want to come back for more. Also check out the Seasonal, Pimento, Fondue Special (with Gary's Meats Berkshire Ham off the bone) and the Flaming Reuben (featuring Q le Baker Kingbrot rye bread and Robbin's Island wagyu brisket pastrami).
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Raclette dreams fulfilled at the launch. Sprinkle some paprika on top.
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Gourmet comfort food central.
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A liquor license paves the way for wine and cheese pairings. Wines at the launch by Mosaique Wines and Cellarhand Wine.
Cheese is to be enjoyed all day! An expanded menu from stall to fully fledged shop is exciting, include a Breakfast Bruschetta with labneh made in-house from Butterfly Factory yoghurt. It comes with candied cumquats, thyme and honey. The inspiration for the Breakfast Bruschetta comes from the street markets of Turkey.
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Good times in Melbourne.
The Ploughman’s Lunch consists of ham off the bone, hunks of English cheddar, a couple of homemade relishes and some pickled vegetables. Or enjoy Mac N Cheese and a Seasonal Soup, all at reasonable prices for a touch of gourmet cheese indulgence.
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A Mozzarella Bar was a real crowd pleaser. 
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At the launch Anthony paid tribute to his team, a great vibe amongst them. As he says "Team work makes the dream work".
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DJ at the launch event.
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From the "chariot of cheese" to the "chapel of cheese" Anthony Femia and Maker and Monger are an inspiration. Thanks to Anthony Femia and Karla Dawes Press Office. Highly recommended.