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Dinner at The Modern Eatery in Richmond

Melbourne's new contemporary house of Aburi sushi, The Modern Eatery is now open in Richmond, located on Swan Street, Richmond, after huge success with two venues in Perth. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to sample the fare.

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Sushi as you may have never seen before! The Modern Eatery serves sushi ‘Aburi’ style, where the fish is lightly seared directly from the flame so that it’s partially grilled and raw to create a deep flavour. It’s the sauce pairings that make The Modern Eatery’s Aburi so unique. And we couldn't get enough - the taste is certainly unique - with a wonderful creaminess!

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Chic fitout and adding to the vibe of the precinct. Another great score for Richmond locals and beyond. Images Eugene Hyland.

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Other highlights that create a stand out offering include Salmon Oshi (compressed sushi), Craft Rolls such as Chasing Sunset with seared salmon, egg omelette and sweet potato and The Green Leaf Roll with deep fried zucchini and cream cheese. Or try the Miyazaki Chicken from Head Chef's hometown in Miyazaki, Japan.

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Crunch and creamy, full of zest and flavour!

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The ethos of The Modern Eatery is drawing people together through food and cultural connection, which is why the menu has an emphasis on sharing plates and small dishes that encourage diners to try a variety of options. There is also a wide selection of Japanese whisky, cocktails, sake and Japanese and local Victorian craft beer.

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The two-level, 90-seat restaurant’s interior is designed by Studio Equator (designers of Chalawan and Glamp Cocktail Bar) and emulates sleek Japanese elements of style in a relaxed ambience. Through the open sushi bar, customers are able to see the chefs crafting the fresh and high-quality sashimi and nigiris. Which meant some bloggers were able to photograph the chefs in action.

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Get your torch on...

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Top notch sushi.

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Owners and best friends since high school, Jason Tan and Edward Teh , left behind their careers as accountant (great to meet him as a fellow accountant and foodie) and engineer to explore their love for food and how it brings people together. Western Australians have been loving their torched sushi since opening in Perth in 2014.  

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Grab some dishes and share with friends - you can cover quite a section of the menu at reasonable cost.

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Edward’s family-orientated upbringing helped spur him on to create The Modern Eatery together with Jason: “The way Grandma always expressed her love was through making sure that our tummies were filled. There was a slight language and cultural barrier between us: the only thing she would ask us is if we were hungry. From that, I learned that food is what bridges cultures.”

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Desserts are also modern and innovative with big flavour.

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Jason’s love for travel helped inspire this venture: “I left everything behind and bought a one-way ticket to Canada in 2012. During my time there, I was fascinated by the number of sit-down sushi bars which appeared on every corner of the street, each serving sushi freshly made to order. With zero restaurant experience but a big appetite to learn as much as I could, I spent the next two years working in a sushi bar, from washing dishes to serving customers.”

We always appreciate someone bringing a fresh concept to Melbourne and we enjoyed our dinner at The Modern Eatery.

This fresh and exciting venue brings a vibrant but homely feel to Swan Street, Richmond, providing the perfect place to meet with friends, colleagues and loved-ones to enjoy a delicious meal together.

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