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Miznon Israeli Street Food Delights in Hardware Lane

Miznon is a bright shining new star on the Melbourne culinary scene dedicated to Israeli street food, and is a revelation. Coming to Melbourne as a highly acclaimed restaurant after huge success overseas, this delight has hit the ground running. People of Melbourne are not just passionate foodies but they are looking for the "experience" - including culture and vibe. Miznon delivers on all fronts. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to sample some of the menu and experience Miznon first hand.
Miznon 1
Vibrant, colourful, joyful, delicious.
Miznon 2
It's hard to find totally unique restaurants in Melbourne but Miznon is unmistakably unique in its offerings and atmosphere. You feel like you are transported into Tel Aviv.
Eyal Shani, The King of Cauliflower, has already shared his legendary baked cauliflower and artisanal pita pockets with foodies in Paris, Vienna and Israel. Now Melbourne has welcomed the gourmet Israeli street-food establishment Miznon to our famous laneways. Think gourmet vegetables, unforgettably soft pittas and perhaps the sound of some energetic tambourines as well!
Miznon 9
Tambourines - what you need after a tough morning in the office.
Miznon 14
The humble cauliflower elevated to hero status.
Miznon 25
You have to try the Cauliflower. How can a humble cauliflower taste so good? But that's what Miznon does. It takes humble foods and elevates them. A hot oven, oil and garlic are keys to producing a cauliflower to savour. Char on the outside is a highlight and don't forget to eat the charred leaves (arguably the best bit!). And prize open the cauliflower for a tender inside that's delicious.
Miznon 12
Miznon 35
The soft pitas are also a revelation. Take super fresh pitas and fill them with generous mainly healthy fillings. The Bag of Green Beans is compelling featuring fresh local beans with garlic, lime and olive oil.
Miznon 39
Miznon 41
Ocean Trout Belly and Avocado with sour creme, onion and pickles. A creamy party in your mouth.
Miznon 48
Super popular is the Steak & Egg Pita with sour creme, tomato, onion, and Lebanese cucumber.
Miznon 60
Dessert also hits the mark with Rail of bananas, strawberries and sour cream. Hot bananas!
Miznon 62
Miznon 69
Quirky messages on boards and walls. An upstairs area provides extra seating. 
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Miznon 77
Miznon is a place you leave feeling great, not bloated. It's a healthy haven. Adding to the atmosphere is the banter, singing and upbeat disposition of the staff; a cacophony of joyful noise around the kitchen. At times they will break out with tambourines and horns. Something to behold. With music also playing over the sound system, we witnessed customers dancing in the restaurant. Can you name another restaurant where this happens in Melbourne?