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Annam Heralds Modern Vietnamese Cuisine With Many Hits

Annam, the new restaurant in Little Bourke St from Jerry Mai is a revelation, taking Vietnamese cuisine to the next level with clean food and big flavours. No MSG in sight, the elevated flavours are a result of Jerry Mai genius. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed a banquet style dinner and found this to be joyous dining with the dishes a procession of chart topping hits. Annam is now open for lunch as well as dinner!

AnnamDinner 62

The first reaction when we arrived at Annam is being impressed with its sexy chic fit out. This is a modern vibrant restaurant, well designed with extensive versatility. Booths, a private space, communal dining space, as well as well appointed tables hit the mark. In addition, a counter bench overlooking eclectic Little Bourke St is also a winner. A sleek bar appeals and the use of plants adds to the exotic vibe.

AnnamDinner 92

We reckon Jerry Mai is a rock star chef and that Annam is set to shine for years to come. Jerry Mai has an amazing pedigree including having worked for iconic David Thompson at Nahm and at Zuma, and her recent venture Pho Nom is still going strong as a flavour filled accomplished street style eatery. In Annam Jerry explained to The World Loves Melbourne that this might be the type of food we would experience if we visited her home for a dinner party. Some dinner party!

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Cocktails on arrival from an impressive cocktail list based on Bruce Lee movies! The Crimson Charm above was an elegant cocktail featuring Campari, Hibiscus syrup, prosecco, orange bitters, sparkling water.

The Kingdom and the Beauty was a delightful whisky based cocktail featuring Makers Mark Amaro Montenegro, lemon, passionfruit, Martel VSOP, and apple juice.

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A visit to Annam should also include refreshing Vietnamese beer.

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Annam is perfect for all kinds of diners, and we highly recommend it for corporates and city workers. Fresh modern imaginative dining. Jerry Mai takes no shortcuts and loves to feature fine produce.

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Unique is the movie show with a selection of thrilling Bruce Lee movies projected on the wall during our dinner. Playful and fun.

AnnamDinner 31

Enter the blogger!

AnnamDinner 37

Cheers to excellent prosecco as we began our banquet.

AnnamDinner 38

Hiramasa Kingfish Sashimi was a hit for the quality of the sashimi and the sauces with coconut ponzu and crispy shallots.

AnnamDinner 40

Famous Sarsparilla Braised Oxtail Dumplings (3) is a delicious dish with compelling tasty oxtail and wondrous thick sticky sarsparilla sauce! I asked for a spoon to mop up the extra sauce!

AnnamDinner 41

Something that looked like it was from outer space was the Squid Ink Cuttlefish with prickly ash. Delicious with fine presentation. Great with beer!

AnnamDinner 47

Open dumplings! This open dumpling also resonated with our taste buds - Crab banh cuon is a delicate silky delicious dumpling.

AnnamDinner 49

Chiang Mai Pork Sausages with pickled chillies and cabbage was a fine nod to the hill country of Thailand. Just wrap the ingredients in the cabbage leaf, understanding that the pickled chillies are hot! 

AnnamDinner 53

Sate grilled Octopus with green mango, galangal nuoc mam is clean fresh modern dining with big flavours.

AnnamDinner 54

A standout dish was the Smoked Mackerel and coconut relish, heirloom carrots, radish and betel leaf. Just wrap the ingredients in the betel leaf for a Vietnamese flavour hit! You will want to scrape the bowl with that delectable relish.

Annam 4

AnnamDinner 66

Drinking excellent Sangiovese and enjoying top notch Vietnamese cooking - what a world we live in!

AnnamDinner 68

Each dish was enjoyable, each dish had the taste buds dancing, and each dish was a labour of love honouring the best of Vietnam.

AnnamDinner 70 

Miso Cobia with pickled kohlrabi was a superb dish from the grill. The miso glaze was sensational and the cobia perfectly cooked. This dish was perfectly enjoyed with Fried Rice. 

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AnnamDinner 74

Another highlight was the Goat Somm La Curry with pea eggplant, pumpkin and green papaya. This is soul food at its best. Bright and clean food.

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Dessert also hit the high notes with Jasmine Smoked Che ruby, jack fruit, and a pile of crispy taro.

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Great news - you can eat the full menu at the bar if you like. Annam is also open for lunch and we hear the Office Rice is a must order dish and great value for money.

Annam is a fabulous dining experience in the Melbourne CBD and we are keen to try other dishes. Highly recommended.