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Review of Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro

Pressure Cookers are the cooking way of the future and The World Loves Melbourne was supplied with an Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro to review. We are a busy family with limited time when it comes to cooking. The Optimum PressureCook Pro is brilliant in cutting down the cooking time. For example, a 1.5kg roast cooked in 30 minutes was amazing, where you would normally expect say 90 minutes.

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First we tested the Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro with a pasta dish. The wonderful thing is the settings for the different genre of dishes. there's actually a pasta setting so all you have to do is put the ingredients in the cooker and push the button for pasta. So easy and convenient. Of course these are the recommended settings, but if you want to extend or shorten the cooking time manually you can. We've found the settings to be excellent - so no need to adjust so far for us. I put the dry pasta in with the sauce, garlic, onion, carrot and mince - everything in together for a 10 min cook! The cooker talking to you is excellent. At one stage we were upstairs watching TV and could hear the machine saying something - so I went downstairs to investigate - it was telling me it was releasing the pressure. 

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So how did the pasta dish turn out? For a start it was delicious - thumbs up from the family. Secondly, it was a fast cook, so convenient. Thirdly it was easy to clean - rather than having to clean a whole lot of pans and pots - it's just one! The only thing I would adjust is my own recipe. I needed a little more liquid in the bowl - so while most of the pasta was soft and delicious there was a section that was a little dry. I realised that a small cup of water added to the sauce would do the trick.

The innovative Induction PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum takes control of every meal you make. You can avoid storing multiple home appliances in your kitchen by using the Induction PressureCook Pro to combine all your ingredients, select a preset program and do all the cooking, saving up to 80% time and energy. Plus, the Induction PressureCook Pro features a convenient digital timer that automatically begins cooking, so you can attend to other tasks.

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The quality and the Induction Heating Technology is outstanding. Not only is it manufactured by globally recognised kitchen-appliance brand Optimum, but the Induction Heating Technology sets it apart from conventional pressure cookers. With induction heating, the heat being induced in the vessel is transferred to the food via conduction. This saves time and conserves energy with high temperatures that allow food to better mature in a shorter timeframe. It is suitable for many cooking processes including steaming, stewing, roasting, deep-frying, braising, baking and slow cooking. Such functions are perfect for preparing pizza, yogurt, pasta, pot roast, rice, cake and much more!

Plus you can use it was a slow cooker if you want to! The Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro has all the functions you can find in a slow cooker! This 2-in-1 high-quality machine has 3 slow-cook settings: Slow Cook LOW, MED and HIGH – so there’s no need to buy extra appliances to crowd your kitchen counter.

Safety features are also a real selling point for us. The cooker also delivers a warning before automatic depressurisation at the end of the cooking cycle to avoid burns. There are multiple auto-turnoff safety measures if the temperature exceeds the maximum level; it will not begin cooking until everything is locked in place. The exhaust valve core is also secured in double protection for additional peace of mind. To end the cooking process we wait for the "Keep Warm" sign to go on and then we eventually turn it off and then turn off the appliance on the wall. We then press the lid opener and we can stand back as the lid opens.

The appliance comes with a free fry basket, steam rack, rice paddle, ladle, measuring cup and an anti-overflow cover. All very useful! And cleaning is easy - just use non abrasive cleaner for the non-stick surface.

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The second dish we cooked was a Lamb Roast with rosemary, vegetables and garlic. This is a good test for a stock family favourite. Of course the test is mainly to see how the lamb is cooked - would it be dry or juicy and flavoursome. In this part of the world a roast lamb should be juicy with some pink on the meat. This was the aim. The cooking time of 30 min for the roast seemed really short - could it be done? The thought of having a roast cooked and ready in only 30 min is a big deal for a busy family.

We added the roast whole in the cooker, then cut up the potatoes into smaller pieces (quarters), adding them to the cooker, as well as peas and carrots. We also added rosemary for flavour (from our garden) and cloves of garlic. Finally we added some red wine for more intensity of flavour - how we like it.

Seriously, the results were amazing and took us by surprise. The roast lamb was perfectly cooked - it had a beautiful browning on the outside and the perfect pink colour inside. Not only that but the lamb was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious. Juicy, flavoursome lamb. Also the potatoes were surprsingly creamy - a texture and taste we didn't expect but loved.

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The family was in raptures, especially when we poured thick gravy over the top. I assume I could have cooked the gravy in the Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro - but on this occasion we just used instant gravy that took a couple of minutes to whip up. 

What a meal!

After a couple of success stories we realise we are onto a winner when it comes to family cooking. Versatile, high tech, convenient, and of course easy to use and delicious food! what's not to like about the Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro. Surely it's the perfect gift for Christmas and we notice they have deals regarding price on the website. We highly recommend the Optimum Induction PressureCook Pro.