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Experiencing Gazi Gone Wild New Menu Items

Gazi restaurant on Flinders St has launched some new playful and delicious menu items called Gazi Gone Wild. Along with other media The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed Christmas Cocktails then a selection of the new delicious Greek inspired dishes with a twist.

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Having visited Gazi several times in the past we've always enjoyed ourselves in the convivial atmosphere with perpetual buzz, and the approachable playful and delicious dishes. Is this place always packed out? We think it is every night. This is the place where workmates meet, catch ups are treasured (especially approaching Christmas) and where lovers meet. A new menu has been introduced for those hot days and long nights of summer.

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Cocktail on arrival; I can recommend the Theseus with Gin, housemade Rhubarb Tonic Syrup, Angostura Bitters. Before anything else can I say the service here is outstanding; something we've experienced before but seemingly at an even higher level.

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Grilled cuttlefish with Byzantine dressing. This proved to be a highlight with thin strips of tasty cuttlefish.

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Back on the menu! A personal favourite was the Prawn Kataifi with Aleppo mayo, smoked almond. Always love the crispy kataifi pastry that provides crunch against the juicy prawns. The mayo was a feature in itself and added crunch came through the smoked almonds.

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Also a feature was the Saganaki Slider (pictured left); what a concept! Perfect with Beetroot relish and coleslaw. How can you come to Gazi and not have saganaki?

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When did Greek and dumplings come together? But we love it. Spanakopita Gyoza with spinach, feta and crispy rice was a clever dish and served up in a playful fashion. We associate gyoza with Japanese cooking but a Greek version was delicious and fun. I couldn't get enough of that crispy rice!

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A never ending party at Gazi restaurant; these new Gazi Gone Wild dishes fuel the fire.

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More cocktails...

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Chicken Keftedes Kalamaki with satay sauce was a rewarding dish. Fun casual dining.

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Not only are they delicious but the texture appeals.

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Chargrilled Broccolini with sambal feta had some kick and crunch.

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Lamb Kofta Kalamaki with mint yoghurt was mouthwatering, and the Grilled Asparagus was a perfect accompaniment.

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Pea Salad was a surprise with broad beans and ricotta. A tasty dish in itself but brilliant when paired with the meat dishes.

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A tour de force was the Greek-Peking Duck with DIY Souva and condiments. Peking Duck is a personal favourite in Chinese restaurants and this Greek version was a fun twist. Just select your condiments of cucumber, coriander, daikon and spring onion and combine with duck in the pita.  Then dip in sauce (hoi sin mayo being my sauce of choice or choose plum). Don't forget to add some chilli for extra kick. Another playful concept in this hub of conviviality.

Gazi pushing the borders here and joyfully so.

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Addictions come in various forms and these Chips with oregano, garlic oil and feta are likely to be your new addiction.

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Greek-Peking Duck from above.

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Dessert was a triumph with Loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) with milk chocolate, peanut, caramel. These meet a primal need of comfort food at it's finest.

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Chocolate Baklava with Greek coffee filo, honey marshmallow was another top notch dessert.

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Gazi surprised us with these Espresso Martinis to finish a fun and highly enjoyable meal. We left thoroughly satiated.

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Check out Gazi Gone Wild. Highly recommended.