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Best Schnitzels & Parmas in Melbourne 2022

Where are Melbourne's best schnitzels and Parmas? What do you look for in a schnitzel? We look for schnitzels that have an appealing shape, decent crust on the outside, tender chicken or veal  inside (stays juicy not dry) and cooked evenly, quality cut of chicken breast, not too oily with oil drained, and how it is served (quality sides) and visual attraction and plating.

Here are some of our favourites - 

Pepe's Italian & Liquor - CBD

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Pepe's Italian & Liquor has made a huge impression as the trendy new American Italian eatery with New York style in Melbourne. Not only is the food a standout with American Italian classics, but the space is a triumph and the perfect destination for your catch up. A hit on the menu is the Veal Parmigiana, a massive portion that serves at least 2 hungry people, that is deep fried and topped with red tomato based sauce, pools of mozzarella, and touch of basil. Melt in your mouth tender veal, an appealing crumb and sauce, cheese a highlight, and the herb factor are all you need.

Hophaus - Southbank

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Hophaus boasts fine schnitzels and stunning views overlooking Southbank (one of our favourite spots) with excellent casual German food. Using their open rotisserie/coal pit their Weiner Schnitzel comes with carrot, beer and apple salat, with mint and cumin vinaigrette, bone marrow jus. Classic German Wiener Schnitzel at its finest. Pair up with their top notch beer list. Image Hophaus Facebook.

Giro D'Italia Restaurant - Carlton North

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Giro D'Italia delivers an Italian version with their sensational Cotoletta alla Valdostana that features a pork fillet that is rolled with a rolling pin, then folded like a wallet and infused with creamy fontina cheese and smoked ham. It's powerful to have the pork and ham together and the flavour is intense and so rewarding. Served with thrice cooked potatoes on top and a swqueeze of lemon is a must. 

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Giro D'Italia is a joyful Italian restaurant with rustic food that is approacheable.

Robert Burns Hotel - Collingwood

With the transformation of Robert Burns Hotel back to its pub roots, comes the return of the Parma, done Italian style here and selling like hotcakes. We imbibed the awesomeness of this European style Parma and enjoy the more pub feel of Robert Burns Hotel.

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Generous size but comes in a natural style - great value Booby's Parma and Pot only $20 on Wednesdays only (at time of writing). Gastro pub dining at its best.

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The Hof Downtown - Docklands

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The Hof Downtown recently reopened on Bourke St serving contemporary Australian cuisine with German flair. Tapas has been added to the menu to complement the popular German style dishes.

The Hof is appealing for its beer offerings and dishes like its Large Chicken Schnitzel with chips and salad. Image above The hof Downtown Facebook and image below supplied.

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O'Connells Hotel - South Melbourne

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O’Connell’s in South Melbourne is Melbourne’s oldest gastronomic pub having celebrated its 140th year in 2016. Over the years O’Connell’s has been home to some of the city’s best-known chefs such as Greg Malouf, Cath Kalka and Adrian Richardson. As of November 2017, Tom Brockbank has joined the O’Connell’s team as Head Chef. Images supplied.

Brockbank’s new menu features the longstanding O’Connell’s classics including the ‘Beef and Guinness Pie’ and ‘Veal Schnitzel’ and stand out additions include the ‘Sloe Gin Salmon Gravlax’ (beetroot, fermented green tomato and cucumber foam), ‘Free Range Chicken’ (with boudin noir, pickled and roasted corn) and the ’12 hour slow cooked dry aged spring lamb’ (featuring petits pois à la Francaise, Yarra’s goat curd and bacon).

The Veal Schnitzel is served with a delicious herb and parmesan crumb, slaw and chips. The crust is top notch; herb and parmesan is the perfect combination. Sides are also excellent.

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Munich Brauhaus - South Wharf

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Munich Brauhaus has been a crowd pleaser since it opened and has brought added verve to South Wharf. Expect German classics here but also expect generous portions and top notch beer offerings. Not only does their Classic Winer Schnitzel hit the mark but you may find yourself in a mega schnitzel challenge (must finish in an hour) of a 1kg schnitzel for a foodcoma session. The Classic version of the Winer Schnitzel consists of 220g of crumbed veal, lemon, parsley and capers. Melt in your mouth. Bevvy up with a stein or two and indulge in Bavarian foodie bliss. Image Munich Brauhaus Instagram.