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Cutler & Co. Restaurant A Melbourne Icon

Cutler & Co is one of the premier dining experiences in Melbourne with its chic vibe, top notch service, food and wine excellence and ability to stay on top of its game. With a major renovation last year it has only added to the iconic experience it has always been. The World Loves Melbourne was privileged to visit with friends for dinner.

CutlerMarch 7

 Professional and warm entry; we enjoy being greeted at the door and we spent some time at the compelling bar before our meal.

CutlerMarch 9 

Degustation is the way to go and the selection involves much food and wine for a memorable evening. Refreshing baby corn to start our journey.

CutlerMarch 54 

Convivial and class. It's refreshing to visit a restaurant with expectations and for those expectations to be met.

CutlerMarch 28

We had hardly nestled into our deep leather booth when we were served these fresh Oysters.

CutlerMarch 33

Blue mackerel crudo, orange and dashi dressing, cultured cream, witlof was a delicious dish with a top notch dressing and crunch of witlof to offset creamy fish. 

CutlerMarch 35

As good as it gets, so we had to photograph this marron dish several times. Wood grilled W.A. marron, sauce americaine was an exquisite dish.

CutlerMarch 36

Waiter pouring the sauce over the W.A. Marron. Like any standout fine dining restaurant the sauces shine.

CutlerMarch 49

Plenty of marron flesh, just prize it out with your fork from the tail. All the while the sommelier was spot on with wine matching.

CutlerMarch 46

Heritage tomatoes, smoked curd, shiso seeds, seaweed and basil was refreshing. Seasonality at its best.

CutlerMarch 43

A marron celebration. Being mainly red wine drinkers we enjoyed reds with every course (because we can).

CutlerMarch 58

CutlerMarch 61

Epic was the duck done 2 ways. Smoked maple glazed Muscovy duck in two services. Poached quince and liquorice, confit leg, bitter leaves and walnut dressing.

CutlerMarch 65

Assorted leaves salad. Even the salads here have a touch of class.

CutlerMarch 71

Muscovy duck part 2. 

CutlerMarch 74

Stuffed zucchini flowers, pine nuts, currants, burnt butter and mint was a delicate and beautiful dish.

CutlerMarch 76

Roast suckling pig, Japanese turnips, shiitake and mustard leaf was a highlight. Getting rustic and real. Great company, red wine, duck and suckling pig - a perfect combination!

CutlerMarch 81

 Superb Melbourne dining with candle lighting and mood.

CutlerMarch 86

Iced passionfruit was so good we ordered a second round. 

CutlerMarch 90

Dessert heaven at Cutler & Co.

CutlerMarch 94

A Cutler signature - Chocolate delice.

CutlerMarch 100

Blueberry vacherin, lemon verbena, creme fraiche and blackberry was a divine dessert.

CutlerMarch 107

CutlerMarch 116

Highly reccomended, Cutler & Co is a standout dining experience in Melbourne. Kudos to Andrew McConnell and his fine team.