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Visit to Smiles of Melbourne for Dental Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening from Smiles of Melbourne is an excellent thing to do for us foodies. We are constantly attending lavish events where we consume foods that can stain our teeth over time. Even a red wine or two can result in staining of teeth over time. One thing I didn't know if that coffee is a major culprit for staining teeth! And I'm a big coffee lover. I was invited along to Smiles of Melbourne to receive a complimentary teeth whitening treatment with Principal Dentist the personable Dr Georgy.

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Super friendly staff.

This was my second visit and I was extremely happy from the results of a treatment I received about 2 years ago. Back then my teeth were an ugly yellow and something needed to happen! Since that treatment my teeth have done well considering the pace of foodie consumption as a food and lifestyle blogger in Melbourne! But it was time to revisit Dr Georgy and Smiles of Melbourne and I was looking forward to it all week.

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Dr Georgy is personable and professional and I have been twice thrilled with the results.

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Smiles of Melbourne is a dental teeth-whitening studio with three locations across Melbourne in Brunswick, Toorak (where I had this treatment) and Templestowe. As dentists, they have access to higher concentration whitening formulas that non-dentists (beauty therapists and supermarkets) are not allowed to use. For me this means real results that I was able to discern straight away. Not only that but my loved ones noticed the difference immediately.  

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Smiles of Melbourne have worked with a lot of TV personalities and models in the past including:

- “The Block” contestants from last year before their auction finale

- Several contestants from The Bachelor

- Couples from Married at First Sight

- Jessie Habermann before her Brownlow event last year

- Miss Global Australia 2015

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Thrilled with the results. The teeth are more pourous after treatment and you need to avoid foods like red wine and tea and coffee and coloured sauces for a while.

For any of us, a visit to Smiles of Melbourne is rewarding, whether before a big event or general whitening. They offer 1 hour in-chair whitening sessions for instant results, as well as their own take-home whitening kit, The Whitening Dentist.

The staff are super friendly and it's a place where you can relax - Dr Georgy puts you at ease and for me the treatment was painless and pleasant. I closed my eyes, lay back on the treatment chair and listened to the music over the speakers while Dr Georgy provided treatment. Afterwards I was once again thrilled with the results.