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The Atlantic Restaurant Making Waves in Crown

With a relatively new chef Nick Mahlook (ex Stokehouse) and a fresh menu, we were invited to experience The Atlantic for a standout Ocean to Plate dinner and a stunning caviar tasting.  The World Loves Melbourne can point to some epic meals in the past and we have always loved The Atlantic, and feel the current offerings are of the highest excellence.

The Ocean to Plate dinner fired both the imagination and the tastebuds, and we were highly impressed.

AtlanticWeb 46

Top notch caviar and champagne was the order of the day. A great way to enjoy caviar is to ingest off the hand as above. Hey, you need more caviar in your life! 

AtlanticWeb 18

Visit The Atlantic for a fabulous caviar experience featuring delicious and refined European caviar. I love a creamy and nutty nuance and the eggs to be small.

The caviar selection includes (served with crème fraîche, chives, blinis) - 

Black Pearl Siberian Oscietra  
Ars Italica Russian Oscietra  
Sterling Royal  
Black Pearl Siberian Oscietra   

AtlanticWeb 62

Tastes of the Ocean featuring chef's daily selection from the cold and raw menu. Presented as sashimi this dish has proved to be a smash hit at The Atlantic, featuring on this occasion Hiramasa Kingfish, Ora King Salmon and Yellowfin Tuna. Each of the fish selection was treated uniquely and the concept of three kinds of sashimi fish is fantastic.  

AtlanticWeb 58 

Top notch dining and beautifully presented. Locally sourced delicious seafood.

Nick Mahlook told us of his connection to Lakes Entrance over the years; his passion is for the local, seasonal and sustainable.

AtlanticWeb 66

This was a first class evening and our table was hosted by Hatem Saleh CEO, who brings an impeccable standard and excellence as well as conviviality to The Atlantic. The Atlantic is also highly geared for customers who are staying in Crown.

AtlanticWeb 70

Pan Fried Scallops including butternut pumpkin, guanciale, sunflower seed dressing. Again, this was a beautifully prepared dish which highlighted the slightly sweet scallops paired wonderfully with the creamy butternut pumpkin and the surprising but exciting meat component of guanciale.

AtlanticWeb 72

Chef Nick Mahlook brings simplicity but with flair and technique, as well as showcasing the freshest product. You feel you're celebrating a special occasion with food presented so artistically and with such compelling flavours and textures.

AtlanticWeb 76

All through the dinner the Sommelier Aleksandar (Alek) Jeremic served up some brilliant wine pairings. I thought he was particularly talented and has a background on International Cruise Liners, and specialises in all aspects of wine. He was born into a winemaking family in Serbia.

AtlanticWeb 83

My favourite pairing of the night was the 2013 Curly Flat Pinot Noir with the Roasted John Dory. Bravo Aleksandar.

AtlanticWeb 99

Roasted John Dory with mussels, diamond clams, rouille, potatoes was another stunning dish with elegant and rustic appeal.

AtlanticWeb 103

Crispy skin on the outside and bright white flesh inside with slightly sweet nuance.

AtlanticWeb 110

The dish looked equally appealing from above.

AtlanticWeb 116

AtlanticWeb 123

Sides here also hit the mark. When added to the Roasted John Dory it looked so pretty (below).

AtlanticWeb 126

Snickers Bar Parfait featuring Valrhona chocolate, roasted peanuts, salted caramel was a playful and delicious dessert.

ElectroluxDessert 1 

Then it was down to The Den where we enjoyed cocktails. One of the premier cocktail bars in the Melbourne CBD.

Den 1

The Atlantic captured my imagination and brought the best out of premium seafood. The whole experience was excellent from A grade service to the Sommelier to the stunning dishes from extremely talented young Executive Chef Nick Mahlook.

The Atlantic is currently running Bubbles and Fish, every Sunday enjoy 2 hours of free flowing Champagne, Mimosas, Pimm's Cups and a two course Ocean to Plate lunch for $110 available from 12-3pm. Reservations via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Highly recommended.