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Best Tiramisu Desserts in Melbourne 2019

Tiramisu is a celebrated Italian dessert that is popular all around the world, and extremely popular in Melbourne. The best Tiramisu is a trifle style dessert with sweet and creamy mascarpone, coffee-dipped sponge cookies, and a dusting of rich chocolate, preferably chilled. Here are some of our favourite renditions of Tiramisu in Melbourne -

Sarti - Melbourne CBD

Sarti is a delightful Italian restaurant in Melbourne, located in a laneway, close to city accomodation and the theatre. We recommend their Five layer hot and cold Tiramisu before or after a night at the theatre. The dish is presented in an elegant if not stunning way in fine glassware. Image Sarti Facebook.

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Giro D'Italia - Carlton North

Giro D'Italia is a joyful restaurant in Carlton North that serves up authentic cuisine from the regions of Italy, taking you on a grand culinary tour. The Tiramisu here is a showstopper. Made from chef Domenico De Marco's nonna's recipe, the Tiramisu is made from whisking egg yolks with water then sugar syrup to make what's called a pâte a bombe (described by Dom as the "bechamel of dessert"). Silky smooth and no awkward overuse of alcohol or too much biscuit. A top notch Tiramisu that we find addictive. We also recommend the other dishes at Giro D'Italia.

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Merricks Creek Winery - Mornington Peninsula

Merricks Creek Winery on the Mornington Peninsula not only produces some of Australia's best Pinot Noir from close planted vines (and other great wines), it serves up compelling gourmet share plates including its now famous Deconstructed Tiramisu. All the elements are there - you just need to dip the biscuits into the coffee and cream. It's a playful dish but also top notch.

Sit back in a stunning winery setting and imbibe - take it all in for the ultimate relaxing visit. Merricks Creek Winery is a family run winery and is open on the weekends, only an hour from Melbourne with a modern cellar door.

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Farro Pizzeria - Fitzroy

Farro Pizzeria brings a modern Italian charm to Fitzroy and while its famous for its pizza, the Tiramisu is a highlight. Enjoy Tiramisu at this Fitzroy style restaurant with natural light and counter with views to eclectic Brunswick St. Or sit at the outside tables. A slight grunge feel is perfect for this part of town. We also love the pizzas at Farro Pizzeria.

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Semplice Cooking - mobile service

From Italy to Melbourne! A breath of fresh air on the Melbourne culinary scene of late has been Semplice Cooking. Semplice means "simple" in Italian and Michele a young Italian chef will come to your home as part of a mobile Italian cooking service! We had a great night with Michele and he brings an upbeat vibe and playful element, as well as superb simple Italian dining. His Tiramisu is one of the best we've had and we want his recipe! Super creamy yet the whole dessert is perfectly balanced. While we can taste the layers a great Tiramisu brings it all together so one element doesn't dominate too much. An interesting aspect is that Semplice makes a communal style Tiramisu - sit around the table and dip your spoon in the tray with a group of friends.

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Eat-aliano - Windsor

A delightful restaurant in High Street Windsor, Eat-aliano offers diners a rich Tiramisu Classico. We love Tiramisu with a twist but also the classico version. You will find authentic Italian recipes here including excellent pizza.Tiramisu 4

Cecconi's - Flinders Lane CBD

Cecconi's has been a favourite over the years, and it's Tiramisu has always been of note. Sponge soaked in kahlua, strega, coffee and mascarpone cheese it's a winner. Not to mention a stunning presentation. Image Cecconi Facebook.

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