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Halloumi Dinner at Epocha

Cyprus halloumi cheese is the best and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience this first class halloumi with a series of standout dishes. The Panagrotikos Farmers Union of Cyprus invited their importers, important media & influencers and cheese buyers to join them for a sit-down dinner at Epocha in Carlton, owned by Restaurateur Angie Giannakodakis. 

Epocha’s chefs developed an enticing halloumi-filled menu to showcase the various ways the cheese category can be served this spring. Christis Cyprus Halloumi is avaialble in Australia.

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Mr Georgios Kyprianou outlined the quality and versatility of halloumi cheese for any occasion. Halloumi is the traditional cheese of Europe and is popular all over the world. The halloumi from Cyprus is the best; taking advantage of the particular Mediterranean microclima of Cyprus, the milk, the traditional method and production technique, and the way of consumption.

Cyprus halloumi is produced by fresh sheep’s or goat’s or sheep’s and goat’s milk with or without cow milk. The milk is produced by local sheep or goat tribes and their breedings and by cow tribes that came in the island at the beginning of the previous century. Find out more about halloumi here.

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Notable guests from Cyprus including, Mr. Anastasios Giapanis, General Secretary of Panagrotikos, Mr Georgios Kyprianou, representative of the Cyprus Cattle Farmers Organization, and Mr Spyros Bonatsos, Export Sales Manager of Charalambidis Kristis Dairy industry, were in attendance. Many of Melbourne's media and top Influencers attended this superb event.

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We began our halloumi tasting journey with an outstanding entree of Roast pumpkin, farro, molasses, dill and grilled halloumi. We often enjoy grilled halloumi at home at our BBQs off the grill or in salads. We also love halloumi in a healthy style burger.

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A Black Angas steak tartare, bone marrow and halloumi and potato galette was superb dining. Once again this highlighted the versatility and quality of halloumi.

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Flinders Island Lamb Shoulder with red mojo sauce, mustard halloumi piperade was a personal highlight. We were able to see through these dishes that halloumi can be grilled, roasted and fried - so many options! 

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Wines were a perfect pairing for the halloumi inspired dishes with an emphasis on wines from Cyprus.

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Spanish chef Gerard Curto from Epocha did an amazing job highlighting halloumi as an ingredient with sophisticated and edgy cooking.

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Dessert was also creative and innovative with a halloumi Mille Feuille, gianduja, mardarin and bitter chocolate tuille. Yes, halloumi is even a great option for dessert!

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We were all given a sample of the halloumi cheese from The Panagrotikos Farmers Union of Cyprus. The Christis Cyprus halloumi cheese is superior in taste to others I have tried; it has a depth and richness and is absolutely delicious.

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The Panagrotikos Farmers Union of Cyprus’ visit coincided with the organisation’s involvement with Fine Food Australia 2018, to launch the Halloumi Cheese campaign for another season.

Financed with aid from the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus, the Halloumi Cheese campaign has been designed to showcase the traditional cheese of Cyprus to an international audience.

Halloumi Cheese is currently in the process of being registered as a product with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) under the European Union’s quality schemes.