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Rockpool Bar and Grill - Wagyu Burger Heaven

Rockpool Bar and Grill is a fine dining haven in the Crown Casino and is known for its spectacular meat dishes and the culinary genius of Neil Perry.

The conversation around here is all about "dry-aged", "grass-fed", "rib-eye" and of course "wagyu". In fact it's the David Blackmore Wagyu that drew me here. Could this be Melbourne's best burger?


Rockpool has a modern fit out with high ceilings, great use of timber panelling, subtle mood lighting, large artwork tributes to the humble cow, several attractive dining areas and luxurious tables and chairs. What struck me about Rockpool was the finery and great use of textures. The ambience here is refined yet relaxed. Waiters dressed impeccably attend to your dining needs and are engaging and knowledgeable. 

The meat here is sourced from Australia's best producers and dry aged on the premises. Rockpool are strict about humane treatment of cattle and about  no hormones or antibiotic feed supplements. Rockpool features Blackmore's Wagyu, Greenhams and Rangers Valley meat. It's the best of the best.

Now to the burger... Caramelised heaven. Wagyu heaven.

 RockpoolBurger 5

Image credit: Rockpool. Rockpool has smashed a home run with this David Blackmore Wagyu Burger in terms of quality, taste and balance. My first impression was that this is a work of art and a celebration of the hamburger. Secondly I was amazed at how big this burger actually is. I was expecting a smaller burger as is the trend. This was actually a meal to satisfy your lunch craving. Along with say, some hand cut chips.

Interestingly I was asked how I would like my wagyu patty cooked - does anywhere else in Melbourne do that? Of course I wanted it as the chef would recommend (normally my reply) - which I believe was medium rare. The wagyu patty was the hero of this burger, which for me is what it's all about.

Every morsel of that wagyu patty was delectable.

The bun was a wonderful brioche. And the combination of flavours was the genius. Smokehouse bacon and gruyere went so well with the wagyu, but then the red onion and zucchini pickles were such a zesty flavour hit against the meat.

I could eat those pickles just on their own. And the tomato relish was also a killer...


While I offered to sit and enjoy my hamburger at this bar Rockpool insisted I eat fine dining style at the table. Part of the experience. A true celebration of the hamburger.

I understand Rockpool is a nod to the great American diner and methinks they have done this to perfection.

Yes I would say this is the best burger in Melbourne...


And I aim to be back for more Rockpool fare...