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Sunda Dining Restaurant With OpenTable

Sunda Dining restaurant is one of the hottest new restaurants in Melbourne, and recently awarded a hat by Good Food. The World Loves Melbourne had a top notch dining experience at Sunda via the OpenTable app (sponsored by OpenTable). The OpenTable experience is highly recommended.

sundaweb1 2Melbourne boasts one of the best restaurant scenes in the world. Top quality choices across a plethora of cuisines. The OpenTable app displays a first class range of excellent restaurants from which to choose; from casual to fine dining there's some big names in the selection. We wanted to visit Sunda Dining with its sophisticated take on South East Asian street food, inspired by cuisines such as Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

Sydney chef Khanh Nguyen has been on fire in the kitchen bringing modern techniques and interpretations to street food classics. The use of native Australian ingredients in some of the dishes also brings an excitement.

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Chic modern almost semi industrial vibe.

Located in one of Melbourne's iconic laneways, Punch Lane, this was a chic, modern exciting place to visit.

It was so easy to use the OpenTable app when booking the restaurant, selecting the time slot to visit the restaurant, information and pictures about the restaurant, even a reminder the day before about our booking, and feedback afterwards.

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Pie tee with whipped egg custard, salted vegetables and chilli bean was a delicate clever dish. The Crispy tempeh (right) with ginger flower, tamarind, and palm sugar was a crispy rewarding dish.

In Australia, more than 1,600 restaurants use OpenTable technology and are bookable via and mobile apps. Amazingly OpenTable has now seated more than 11 million diners in Australia. In the second quarter of 2018, 42% of OpenTable’s seated diners in Australia originated on a mobile device. It's simply easy and a convenient and excellent way to book a restaurant.

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Innovation and big flavours with plenty of technique. Salty, sweet, umami, tangy. It's all there.

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Now famous Roti (super buttery) and Vegemite Curry, a masterstroke dish.

We chose the set menu dining experience at Sunda Dining with the addition of the famous Roti and Vegemite Curry, along with a bottle of wine (Philip Lobley Cabernet Franc from Yea Valley). The set menu involved 8 sensational dishes, of which we were highly impressed by all. The level of sophistication and technique, as well as innovation with these dishes was inspirational.  

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Peel back the betel leaf for a surprise underneath.

Raw scallops, cucumber, andaliman pepper, betel leaf was a delicious savvy dish. The scallops were melt in your mouth.

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Otak Otak is a classic dish but Sunda Dining brings a modern interpretation with a spanner crab curry, finger lime and rice crisps. The lime infused spanner crab is a joy on top of the parfait and the use of finger limes another nod to native Australian ingredients. We were wowed by the taste, delicacy and technique of the dish.

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One of our favourite dishes of the evening was the Egg noodles, XO sauce, chicken crackling and pepper berry. Big flavours and texture triumph. The Charred cucumber, laughing cow cheese, with jungle curry and lemon myrtle was also a tangy texture triumph.

sundacrab4 1Egg noodles reimagined.

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Our vote for dish of the night was the Lamb rump, cashew nut, native curry. Melt in your mouth lamb with crunch of cashew and a killer sauce.

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Imagination and flair was evident in the tastes of Vietnamese Coffee dessert, a deconstruction presented artistically and with hit of ganache chocolate, coffee and condensed milk.

Service at Sunda Dining was first class and the overall dining experience joyful. Our experience enhanced by the OpenTable app. You can also find Open Table on social media @opentableau.

Since its introduction in 2008, the OpenTable Reviews program has generated globally more than 71 million​ reviews by verified diners. OpenTable diners contribute more than​ 1 million restaurant reviews​ each month. OpenTable has bookable restaurants in more than 20 countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

Restaurants are available for reservations in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish languages. Highly recommended.