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Emporium Melbourne Progressive Dinner

Emporium Melbourne showcased its quality and diversity in food and wine with a fabulous Progressive Dinner in celebrating the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. A highlight was the curated experience and narration from Alexia Petsinis. While Emporium Melbourne is a popular shopping hotspot it is also a premium foodie hotspot. As we were to discover.

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Our journey began on the Emporium rooftop, set against a sunset city backdrop with Aperol Spritz, Veuve Champagne and the freshest prawns from Tank Fish and Chippery. This is the first time I'd ever visited the rooftop and it was spectacular. With Veuve in hand and large fresh prawns from Tank, I was happy after one stop. Knowing there was more to come I needed to pace myself - but hey just give me one more prawn... or two...

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Live music enhanced the experience.

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Next, head chef Tomohiro Suzuki of cult classic Tetsujin served traditional Japanese classics with a contemporary interpretation. I had visited Tetsujin before and I love the vibe inside the restaurant as well as the food. The views from the restaurant over Melbourne are stunning. The nigiri and sashimi selections here were top notch including the heralded Wagyu nigri offering.

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The selection was impressive: Tuna Nigri, Salmon Nigri, Wagyu Nigri (the star of the show), Assorted sashimi (Salmon, Tuna and Kingfish). Washed down with a moorish Nihon Gin cocktail with Gin, Lime and Nori salt.

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Check out the gold on the Wagyu. We sat next to the winners of a competition who had won a place at this event plus a shopping voucher - they were loving it - happy days.

From here, we progressed to Din Ta Fung, previously anointed by the New York Times as one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world.emporiumweb 89

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The array of dumplings was a classic selection from the Din Tai Fung range: Pork dumpling (my "go to" dumpling here), Shrimp & Pork Shao Mai, Black Truffle Pork Dumpling (luxe with a shaving of truffle on top), Spicy Shrimp & Pork Wonton, and the Vegetarian dumpling. Presentation at Din Tai Fung is always top notch and the dumplings are curated and delicate.

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I appreciated these refreshing Lychee with mint nuance drinks.

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Delicious Spicy Shrimp and Pork Wonton was served in its own bowl. And that sauce!

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I had dined at Din Tai Fung in Los Angeles recently (also in Sydney) and I find the quality of the food premium and consistent. The dumplings are a labour of love and are luxe, and you can check out the staff making the dumplings through the window.

Next on the menu was Pinchy’s, bringing sustainable and delicious lobster from Maine to Emporium Melbourne. 

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To enjoy Veuve champagne with a Lobster roll was a superb experience. In fact we were given half Lobster and the other half was crab. Dining in seafood heaven. 

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Wrap your lips around this Melbourne!

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To end the journey, we treated the palate to the most sublime tasting plates from Godiva, official chocolatier to the Belgian Royal Court. Sam who was the Manager of Godiva eloquently took us through the classic range of chocolates we were given. These chocolates just melt across the palate and you pick up nuances that excite. It was hard to pick a favourite between the Dark chocolate cream Truffe Draps Original and the Truffe Friase Élégante featuring Strawberry flavoured milk chocolate ganache.

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Premium presentation.

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Drool worthy world class premium chocolate. 

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Sam from Godiva was outstanding in giving us the information necessary to enhance the tasting experience.

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This was a curated experience from the Manager of Godiva Australia-wide, the store manager and Alexia Petsinis (who was amazing in her hosting for the whole Progressive Dinner).

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Thanks to PR gurus iD Collective and Emporium Melbourne, as well as Alexia Petsinis for the fabulous event. A triumph for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. #EmporiumMelbourneProgressiveDinner.