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Visit to Middle South East Cafe

Middle South East Cafe in South Yarra is a popular destination on Chapel St and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience brunch. The menu combines classic brunch options with Middle Eastern influences, and we found the offerings to be imaginative and impressive.

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For "creatives" and office workers nearby Middle South East is the perfect place to connect, and is also worth a trip across town. We discovered Middle South east is cafe by day but also springs into life at night; so it's a versatile destination and hub for the community.

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Smoothies are a hit at Middle South East - where you will find healthier food and drink options.

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Corn fritters are a must order, with poached eggs, smashed avocado, goat's cheese and smoked salmon.

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A popular dish is the Middle South Eggs with Middle Eastern sauce, Persian feta, fresh chilli, sujok sausage, zataar bread and poached eggs. The sauce is compelling and you can mop up the oozy goodness with the bread. Sausage is also tasty and the dish has some "kick" with the chilli. A warm and embracing Middle Eastern style brunch dish.

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Coffee was also on point.

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A delightful surprise was the special of the day, Rice flour dusted Californian calamari, served with chilli, mint and lime aioli, on a bed of freekeh, rocket, roasted fennel in a pomegranate dressing. This dish had a touch of class - normally we are used to seeing calamari served on its own or with a smattering of salad - but Middle South East brought some savvy to the table with an abundance of nuances and elements to complement the perfectly cooked calamari. A standout dish and beautifully presented.

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A modern inviting cafe in South Yarra.

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A brunch feast that hit the high notes. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Middle South East for it's food, coffee, smoothies and standout service. Highly recommended