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Picnic Box Premium Picnics for Mother's Day

Picnic Box is an exciting new business to launch in Melbourne, ready in time for Mother's Day. Picnic boxes are a fabulous gift when it comes to celebrating a special day such as Mother's Day. Rather than take your Mum to a crowded noisy restaurant why not enjoy a fun picnic with the finest produce and a premium picnic box. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to experience a premium picnic box from Diane Stanbra and her new Picnic Box business.

We pride ourselves on having something of a "gourmet" palate so we were keen to see what this premium picnic box would consist of. In the past we have been let down by businesses purporting to sell gourmet picnic hampers only for us to exclaim "That's not a gourmet hamper!" with a few "arguably" gourmet ingredients scraped together. Would this be different? Yes indeed, Picnic Box delivers in spades. We were looking for a gourmet enjoyable selection with authentic premium produce and variety that would feed 2-3 people and Picnic Box "nailed it".

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We love the presentation of the Picnic Box in this handy cooler bag - already a win. The fresh contents were professionally sealed to keep the freshness, also a win. Thoughtfully too is the compostable packaging, disposable cutlery, serviettes and the disposable bag for waste.

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I also found the picnic boxes fitted into my fridge conveniently (if I needed to do so).

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Even the crackers are sealed in plastic. All about the little touches. (By the way we are not being paid to review this product).

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Top notch professional presentation.

We are inspired by the vision of owner operator Diane, who saw a gap in the market in terms of higher end picnic boxes. Sure we can all assemble a few crackers and cheese and some strawberries together, but how about accessing some of the best produce that's available across the nation. In this way, Picnic Box have teamed up with Saskia and Maggie Beer to showcase some of their extraordinary produce from the Barossa Valley, brought to Melbourne.

Founder and CEO Diane Stanbra came up with this innovative business in New Zealand,   7 years ago after attending an outdoor cinema event, thinking wouldn’t it be great if you could get a delicious, freshly-packed picnic at these types of events. So, she developed exactly that, and is excited to share her fabulous picnics with Australia.

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Samantha and I enjoyed our own picnic and found there was a lot of food in the picnic box. Once you tuck into the cheese and meats and cut up the quality Gontran Cherrier baguette and place fillings on top (how we did it) you realise its a substantial amount of food for a couple of people. We even had some left over for our grateful kids.

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I soon realised much thought and planning has gone into this offering. It's as if they've thought of everything when it comes to premium picnic boxes. It's rich and indulgent but that's how we like it; a slice of luxe.

Picnic Box packs the most amazing produce from Australian suppliers, beautifully presented in 100% compostable packaging. “We care where your food comes from, how it’s made, presented and packaged. It’s all about minimum fuss for you, and maximum enjoyment of our picnics”.   

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Samantha checking out the stunning indulgent triple cream brie, quince paste & crackers, with honey sugar macadamias, dried fruit & almonds. Not to mention the delicious sopresso salami & Lacshinken ham with cornichons & baby onions and spiced tomato, cornichon & roasted garlic preserve.

Having participated in the Slingshot and Caltex ‘Spark’, a new innovation initiative that sees them working closely with start-up’s and entrepreneurs, Picnic Box will be partnering with the Caltex Foodary in South Yarra on Mothers’ Day.

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Samantha reaching for a fresh strawberry to dip into the dark chocolate & vinno cotto caramel dipping sauce.

“Mothers’ Day is often not an indulgent, restful day for our Mums. They still end up cooking, cleaning, or shopping for food etc. So, we are thrilled to have mother and daughter duo Saskia and Maggie Beer create a premium Picnic for your Mothers’ Day, incorporating stunning produce from their farm.  And of course, our classic picnic and the cheese and treats box will also be available."

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Samantha getting out the handy disposable knife for the chicken & tarragon ballotine with beetroot jam.

This is my kind of picnic food. Nothing soggy, everything fresh. They've done the work for you. Gourmet produce that's all killer and no filler. And tapping into the premium offerings of Saskia and Maggie Beer is a masterstroke.

It couldn’t be easier. Order your Mother’s Day Picnic on their website, and collect your picnic hamper in a chiller-bag on ice – all ready to go, from the Foodary (Caltex) in South Yarra, 262-268 Punt Road between 7am – 3pm on Mother’s Day Sunday 12th May.  When you have finished enjoying your picnic, the packaging can go straight into your home compost… including the rubbish bag.

Picnic Box are also excited to be providing stunning picnics for corporate and event catering, fundraising, travel, tourism and special occasions. They can’t wait to share their beautiful picnics with you. Highly recommended.

What we experienced: 

Saskia & Maggie Beer ‘premium’ picnic hamper

Price $125.00

chicken & tarragon ballotine with beetroot jam

sopresso salami & Lacshinken ham

cornichons & baby onions

spiced tomato, cornichon & roasted garlic preserve

triple cream brie, quince paste & crackers

honey sugar macadamias, dried fruit & almonds

Gontran Cherrier baguette

strawberries with dark chocolate & vinno cotto caramel dipping sauce

sweet treats