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Goose Island Launches A Beer Named Bruce

Goose Island has launched limited-edition Wet Hop Brut IPA in ode to keeping the ‘Aussiest’ name alive Award-winning brewery. Goose Island has created a limited-edition Wet Hop Brut IPA and crowned this flavour-packed, big, bold and brutish beer after the quintessential and ‘Aussiest’ of names there is, Bruce. Is your name Bruce? Goose Island will be giving away Free for Bruce - offering all adults named Bruce a free glass of Bruce beer at participating venues across Melbourne.  

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Where did all the Bruces go? Why is this classic name on the outs? Bruce has been on a sharp decline since the 1950s and in the last year it has been estimated there were less than 10 babies named Bruce across Australia*.

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As a much-loved moniker, Bruce deserves our support before the name is gone forever which is why Goose Island has dedicated its latest brew to Bruces all over the country in the hopes of bringing Bruce back into vogue. Bruce the beer has been officially launched as Goose Island’s festival brew at the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (GABS) - the annual festival which celebrates the diversity and creativity of the craft beer movement - taking place in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in April, May and June 2019.

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Brut IPA is one of the latest beer styles to develop through the world - derived from San Francisco, it aims to deliver a beer with IPA aroma and flavours but with a residually dry body to further enhance its hop characteristics. Goose Island’s Wet Hop IPA (ABV 6.5 per cent and IBU 60) is brewed with same day harvest (hops picked on the same day for pungent taste) using fresh wet Enigma Tasmanian hops that are sourced from the Bushy Park Hop Farm outside Hobart.

According to Goose Island brewer Garry Menz, as a beer Bruce lives up to its larrikin, tongue-in-cheek namesake and is a brew you’ll certainly remember for its unique flavour profile. “Goose Island’s Bruce Wet Hop Brut IPA takes an Australian twist on the Brut IPA style.

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The local hops deliver the distinct wet hop character and solid bitterness with notes of grapefruit and melon aromas permeating through the profile to enhance the dry, spritzed nature of the body,” said Menz.

In celebration of the limited-edition launch, Goose Island will be giving away Free Bruce for Bruce - offering all adults named Bruce a free glass of Bruce beer at participating venues across Melbourne. If your name is Bruce , or can prove your dad or grandpa is a Bruce, head to one of the following pubs between from 1 June to enjoy your namesake brew.

*Births, Deaths and Marriages, NSW and Victoria.

Available from Saturday 1 June ● The Sloth, 202 Barkly St, Footscray ● Mt View Hotel, 68/70 Bridge Rd, Richmond ● Palace Hotel, 505-507 City Rd, South Melbourne ● The Gem Bar and Dining, 289 Wellington St, Collingwood The Goose Island Wet Hop IPA will also be available for everyone to enjoy, not just Bruces, at GABS Melbourne, held from Friday 17 to 19 May at the Carlton Exhibition Centre, and various pubs around Victoria for a limited time from June 1.

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